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Can you help me fly? Set more chickens free

Started by: sarahtis
On: 10/02/2012 | 13:18
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by: sarahtis
on: 10/02/2012 | 13:18 edited: 10/02/2012 | 15:04

Hopefully you'll have already watched our new "the CONtract feat K-Oriville" video - where Keith and Orville are singing about our new "unlock a phone, unlock a chicken" campaign where new members can order a SIM from and when they activate it we will re-home a chicken from  Wood Green, The Animals Charity (more info in our blog here).

We want to give you the opportunity to get involved as well - so we're sending everyone an email today (to those that are opted in) encouraging you to share the email with your friends and family - via the share buttons in the email to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, digg, email and Delicious - the more shares we get the more chickens we will be able to re-home. We'd like to help release up to another 100 chickens, so for 5 members who share the email we'll release another chicken. When we reach 500 shares we will be able to re-home another 100 chickens.   
For those that don't receive the emails - we'll announce a way for you to help share and get involved on Monday.
Hope you can help Orville Fly!!
(Not so small print: A "share" is when the member clicks one of the share buttons in the email, and shares the email with their friends via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Email, LinkedIn, Delicious. For every 5 members that share the email, giffgaff will donate to Wood Green to re-home one chicken. giffgaff will release up to 100 chickens) 


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by: wowzaa
on: 10/02/2012 | 13:25
aww these are the reasons why i love giffgaff Smiley Wink
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The sim will come as a dual sim
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by: clairekav
on: 10/02/2012 | 14:42

We've had 27 shares so far............... that's 5.5 chickens, come on people we can't free 1/2 a chicken Smiley Wink

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by: manocas
on: 10/02/2012 | 14:47

Genius... Smiley Happy

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by: richg11
on: 10/02/2012 | 15:01

Shared on FB, G+, email & twitter. Awesome stuff! Awesome Cause!!!

Please give 'KUDOS' if i help or click 'accept as solution' if i solve your problem!
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by: kerrieanne
on: 10/02/2012 | 15:04
Loving the rapping Keith and Orville x
If I helped click ''solutions and kudos'' thanks.

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by: siaynoq
on: 10/02/2012 | 15:45

You have got to be joking! Wise up people.

With the millions of starving people around the world (Let alone the homless in this country) you're worried about 'freeing' a few frickin chickens! And if you think some chicken is more important you seriously are not in touch with the world around us.

Whats more some washed up old kids entertainer, (sorry Kieth, my kids loved ya really (years ago)) and a fat puppet are figureheads for a 21st century mobile phone outfit!

I don't even wanna ask how much the 'ad' cost. Next it will be "giffgaff..The mobile network run by kids"


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by: jayesh01
on: 10/02/2012 | 16:19

Brillent IDEA wonderful to be with GIFFGAFF!!!

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by: andrewredman
on: 10/02/2012 | 16:30

I think it's great, every little helps   Heart

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by: viv3
on: 10/02/2012 | 17:05

Just  shared to my facebook hope we can set all 100 chickens free Smiley Very Happy

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