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Challenge #3: Making topping up easier

Started by: clairekav
On: 28/07/2011 | 17:56
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by: clairekav
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on: 28/07/2011 | 17:56 edited: 29/07/2011 | 13:00




We’re giving you an opportunity to win some great giffgaff goodies. With over £20,000 worth of prizes up for grabs - you could be one of the lucky winners who’ll get £1,500 worth of vouchers or one of the thousands of other prizes we’re giving away over a six week period.


Each week you’ll be given the opportunity to enter the draw to win prizes by participating in one of the weekly challenges - so far 492 members have won prizes.


We’ll set a new challenge each Thursday, which if you complete will enter you in to that weeks prize draw. Each of the tasks will be things that are central to our giffgaff brand – hopefully not too taxing so everyone can get involved.


Good luck!


Challenge #3: Update your card details and manage your auto top-up settings


Read more for your chance to win £1500 of Thomas Cook vouchers.


giffgaff is all about trying to make things easier for our members – two things that make topping up simpler is topping up via your mobile and taking advantage of auto top-ups.

Mobile top-up: You can top-up and/or buy a goodybag via your mobile at (this page has been made so it fits on a mobile display)

Auto top-up: You can stay in control of your spending with auto top-up, you can set the amount and the maximum number of times you auto top-up your account each month. When your balance drops below £3, your account is automatically topped up – simples.

As this week challenge is about getting members to make topping up easier, your challenge this week is based on what you’ve got already:

1) Update your card details: How to get your first entry
- No card saved yet/ Saved card has expired: If you haven’t got a card saved under My giffgaff or the card you’ve got there has expired we’re asking you to add/ update your card details.

- Card saved OK: If you have already got your card details saved (valid card, not expired), to get entry we’re asking you to fill in this short survey.




2) Manage your automatic settings: How to get a bonus entry

- No Auto top-up set up: Set up your automated settings, and you’ll get a second entry into this week’s draw.


- Auto top-up set up: Your card details are all OK, and you’ve already got auto top-up set up, all you’ve got to do is fill out the short survey.



Why did you start a new thread when there are other FAQ’s about the competition in this thread?

I thought as the #1 challenge has closed, it’s less relevant – so better to start a new thread, also if I edited that thread, it might have got a bit crowded by week 6. To read the initial FAQ for things like “when will I get my prize” etc... please check some other FAQs


I don’t have a debit/credit card how can I enter? Unfortunately this week’s challenge is about updating your card details in My giffgaff which makes it easier for people to top-up via mobile. Sorry, you’ll have to wait till next weeks challenge.


My card details are OK, why do I need to fill out a questionnaire? We’re asking members who’ve already got card details to fill out a quick 6 question survey –so we know that you’ve checked your details and are aware of this promotion. Otherwise, we’d be automatically including 1000’s of folks – which gives those that have actively done something have more of a chance of winning.

My phone is really old, I can’t top-up via my mobile as it doesn’t get mobile internet, what is the benefit for saving my card details? Good question, as you can top-up via our website, saving your card details can save you time later on down the line searching around your bag for your card.


I've filled in the survey, but my card details have expired, will I be entered into the draw? You need to update your card details first, then fill in the survey. If you haven't got a saved card/ your card is expired - fill out the survey won't enter you into the draw.


Do I need to have auto top-up selected to enter this weeks challenge? No, if you've added/updated your card details you'll get one entry. You'll get a bonus entry if you've selected Auto top-up as well.


Can I update my card details from my PC or does it need to be via my mobile? Any which way you like, it's all the same to me.


Can you save the card details without topping up? Yes, you can save your card details without topping up. 



 T's and C's - the legal bits:  (put in a spoiler to save this post looking like war and peace) 




Click to reveal

giffgaff giveaways summer promotion

Entering is easy as pie, log into your giffgaff account, and copy your personal SIM order page url (found here, once someone orders a SIM from your page you are entered into the draw to win the prizes. The nitty gritty detail:

1. Entry in to prizes: Details for entry into each weeks prize is detailed below, by completing each task you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

2. You can enter if you’re 18 or over and a UK resident and have an active giffgaff phone number (but not if you’re a giffgaff employee, one of their family, or connected in any other way with this Competition. So hard cheese.) Obviously, third party entries, bulk entries or entries submitted by agents are off limits. We (giffgaff) reserve the right to check all entrants are actually eligible, and we reserve the right to require such information as we consider reasonably necessary in order to do that. If we’re not satisfied, you might not get your prize.

3. Entering is a piece of cake, each weeks task is different, it is possible to be entered once each week to qualify for that weeks prize:

  • Week one: 14/07/11–20/07/11: By using your personalised SIM order page URL you’ll be entered into the draw
  • Week two: 21/07/11–27/07/11: Log in to the community have a look around and you'll be entered into the draw
  • Week three: 28/07/11–03/08/11: Update/add card details and manage automatic top-up settings to be entered into draw. You’ll get one bonus entry if you have auto top-up switched on. If you already have valid card details, to be entered into the draw you need to fill out this short questionnaire
  • Week four: 04/08/11–10/08/11: Task details to be released
  • Week five: 11/08/11–17/08/11: Task details to be released
  • Week six: 18/08/11–24/08/11: Task details to be released

4. Only one entry per person, you only need to complete the weekly task once (ie no need to get all of your friends to order a SIM each, as only the first one will count towards the week one prize draw).

5. We can and will reject and remove any entry, and/or disqualify any Winner or entrant, if we think that the entry is defamatory, indecent or violates or infringes any third party’s rights.

7. Each weeks start time and end time is listed below. Please don’t leave it until the last minute, in case technology lets you down.

  • Week one: 14/07/11 00:01 until 23:59 20/07/11
  • Week two: 21/07/11 00:01 until 23:59 27/07/11
  • Week three: 28/07/11 00:01 until 23:59 03/08/11
  • Week four: 04/08/11 00:01 until 23:59 10/08/11
  • Week five: 11/08/11 00:01 until 23:59 17/08/11
  • Week six: 18/08/11 00:01 until 23:59 24/08/11

8. A random entry will be selected each week and the weekly prize will be awarded accordingly. Entrants will also be entered into the draw to win smaller prize items

The major prizes:

  • Week one: £1500 worth of Curry's PC world vouchers
  • Week two: £1500 worth of Amazon vouchers
  • Week three: £1500 worth of Thomas Cook vouchers
  • Week four: TBC
  • Week five: TBC
  • Week six: TBC


9. We’ll announce all winners in the community. If you’re the lucky winner of one of the major prizes we’ll ring you to let you know the good news. But we won’t let the prize sit around unclaimed, so if the winner is unable to be contacted by phone by 12 pm on the 26th August 2011 - we’ll choose another lucky winner.

The major prize winners will be announced at the end of each week, the smaller winners will be drawn after 25th August 2011 and announced by Monday 5th September.

10. Prizes will be posted to the winner as per the members address under My giffgaff, so just in case you’re one of the lucky winners, make sure your address details are up to date: All prizes will be posted to the winning members by the 30th September. If there is an unforeseen delay in being able to send the prize we will let the individual winners know (we’ll work to get everyone’s prizes out sooner than the 30th of September, but sometimes there are delays beyond our control due to shipping/printing of items).

11. We’re not responsible if you can’t take up the prize.

12. If there’s an unforeseen world shortage of our prize, or a similar problem (which isn't likely but we need to say this), we might have to give you an alternative treat. Rest assured it’ll be a good one. We can’t give you cash instead, so don’t ask.

13. We’re not responsible for any entries that go astray. Ditto for acceptances or other documents or communications related to the Prize, or indeed the prize itself. Sorry – we promise to post things to you however if it goes missing in the post, we can’t send you another (make sure your address details are up to date and can the address can receive deliveries).

14. We may put the winner’s membername on our Facebook page and Twitter feed and in the community, and they may be required to participate in publicity connected with this Competition. If you enter, you agree to your name being made publicly available if you win.

15. In the event of fraud, abuse, and/or an error affecting the proper operation of this Competition, we reserve the right to end or suspend the Competition; amend these terms & conditions; declare void the notification of winner(s); and/or to allocate the Prize by conducting a simple draw from all entrants

16. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid by any law, rule, order or regulation of any government, or by the final determination of any court of a competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.

17. If you can’t get onto the giffgaff community and are desperate to know who won, just send a signed handwritten request along with a stamped self-addressed envelope detailing your request to The Old Rectory, Beaconsfield, Bucks, and marked with the name of the Competition.

18. Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.






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by: jps123
on: 28/07/2011 | 18:10
Well im not in it this week then Smiley Happy
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by: monsterkiller
on: 28/07/2011 | 18:16

Interesting challange!

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by: pinkcalculator
on: 28/07/2011 | 18:17
Not for me or the family either
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by: billy786619
on: 28/07/2011 | 18:36
i cant enter either....under 18
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by: a0004uk
on: 28/07/2011 | 18:49
Yup im all entered Smiley Happy

Fingers crossed !
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by: aks782
on: 28/07/2011 | 19:01
Do you have to add your credit card details using the mobile site, or can it be done using the full site??

What shop are the vouchers for??

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by: andy_uk
on: 28/07/2011 | 19:05
Card details checked, auto-topup checked, survey done, fingers crossed!
Smiley Very Happy
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