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Changes to Welcome Journey and Usage Statement

Started by: chris_j_b
On: 15/05/2018 | 14:48
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by: chris_j_b
handy giff-staffer

on: 15/05/2018 | 14:48

Hi All,


Here’s a little something the comms team has been working on to improve the service to our members.


Alongside all the work we’ve been doing for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we’ve been thinking about how and when we contact our members and the information you all really need to know to get the best from your plans.


New Welcome Journey


We believe it is important to welcome all new members to giffgaff effectively. As such, in the first 35 days of a members life with us we send an email welcome journey. We’ve recently been revamping this journey to help members get up and running better. In this process we’ve also considered how changes brought through with GDPR impact on this journey when considered with our new marketing consent preferences.


As giffgaff is online only and a little bit different to most other networks, we know some members can struggle getting to grips with how things work within the first 30 days or so. We think it is important to ensure all members receive this support regardless of their marketing consent.


We therefore have developed a service version of our welcome journey. This will be sent to members who choose to opt out of marketing. This ensures no one is left stranded while still respecting the marketing consent every member gives us when they join. This contains only essential information to help get a member set up such as updates on a member’s usage, tips and directions on where to get help, especially if we can see a member is struggling to be able to use their device.


Other changes


Additionally, we currently send a monthly usage statement and recommended plan to our members when they are opted in to marketing, both for new joining members and members that have been with us for a long time.


This message is sent to our members as a summary of what they have used from their goodybag, includes a member’s recommended plan and also some other promotional material we think might be of interest to our members. A member that has chosen to opt out of marketing is currently excluded from this and will receive nothing. We believe that as a result of this they are being underserved and we want to fix that.


We know that when people are kept informed about how much they use they are happier and feel more in control. We wanted to make a new version of this so that everyone can receive this important information without necessarily having to receive marketing messages at the same time.


As a result we’ve created a new stripped back usage statement for opted out members to inform them of their usage only. This will apply within the welcome journey and in life members. Recommended plans, while not in the opted out usage statement are still available to all members opted in or out on the dashboard:


We’re looking to launch these new emails soon but wanted to let you all know in advance so it doesn’t come as a surprise, so if you see anyone asking about these emails in the forums you can let them know.




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by: essie112mm
on: 15/05/2018 | 15:48 edited: 15/05/2018 | 15:50

Hi Chris, 


Regarding the welcome journey for new members, additional guidance will definitely be useful as there are many activate who a sim and then don't have a clue what to do next. In some cases they buy a goodybag and lose several days allowance before getting the help they need just to do the most basic of things: use their device. 


As to the "new stripped back usage statement " where might this leave repeated requests for itemised billing? Is there any chance that itemised billing will ever be introduced? You say that giffgaff recognises that "when people are kept informed about how much they use they are happier and feel more in control" and really that is more itemised billing than a stripped-down usage statement or even a monthly usage statement and recommended goodybag, which is often wildly inaccurate anyway.  



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by: figment_uk
on: 15/05/2018 | 17:06



Will giffgaff still send a welcome pack by post?

Where do these "service" emails leave those members who really don't want to receive anything from giffgaff?

Will there be a "Leave me alone, I don't want to be contacted" option? 

I do not work for giffgaff, so cannot check anything on your account. This is a public community - please do not post any personal info.

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by: chris_j_b
handy giff-staffer

on: 15/05/2018 | 17:15 edited: 15/05/2018 | 17:16

Hi @figment_uk

Happy to answer your questions,
- The Extra SIM sent by post will remain unaffected by this.
- There is still the option to be removed from all giffgaff comms, Paddy touched upon this in his GDPR update post, this remains unchanged.


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by: kathleen414
on: 15/05/2018 | 19:20

chris_j_b wrote:

Hi @figment_uk

Happy to answer your questions,
- The Extra SIM sent by post will remain unaffected by this.
- There is still the option to be removed from all giffgaff comms, Paddy touched upon this in his GDPR update post, this remains unchanged.


Good points @figment_uk  and thanks for the update @chris_j_b

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by: brulaw
on: 15/05/2018 | 19:47



Thanks for the information , seems like a good way to keep people involved ( in the loop )  and a good way for those who want to keep the messages to the minimum to have the choice  ( option to opt out completely  )  of no messages at all . 

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by: allip
on: 15/05/2018 | 20:44
Hi Chris
Thanks for keeping us updated.
They seem like great changes especially with you giving the 3 levels of options regarding emails. I find the monthly usage & goodybag recommendations most useful if I need to have bare minimum spend month and when I know I have a busy month coming up where I'm out/away a lot to help estimate which goodybag to get to cover increased useage, so it's definitely something I recommend a new member to opt in for even if they don't want marketing.
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by: kevincunno
on: 16/05/2018 | 08:08

Hi @chris_j_b this sounds really great and helpful to our new members with the welcome part and the usage emails for those opted out of marketing so they still get to know what there usage is great update 

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by: davidevans0000
on: 16/05/2018 | 12:29
Thank you @chris_j_b for the info.
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