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[Closed] Charity Nominations - Payback June 2014

Started by: christian_b
On: 02/05/2014 | 10:03
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by: johnmobbs
on: 14/05/2014 | 15:30

I would like to propose Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as one of the charities this year.




Their mission is to offer greater independence, confidence and companionship to deaf people by providing dogs trained to alert them to chosen everyday sounds.

Nearly 10 million people in the UK experience some degree of hearing loss. That's one person in every six. Over half a million are severely or profoundly deaf. We want to help as many of these people as possible by creating life-changing partnerships between deaf people and specially trained hearing dogs.


We are currently socialising a working Cocker Spaniel puppy called Viking (see photo below) who will go into formal training in few months time before being given to a deaf person.  There are some amazing stories of how these dogs have helped people and saved lives in extreme circumstances.  Please visit their website at for more in depth information about the charity.  These dogs cost about £50k to be training and supported throughout their life.



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by: christian_b
former giff-staffer

on: 14/05/2014 | 16:08 edited: 15/05/2014 | 09:04

Hi all,


Charity nominations will now close Friday 8am, so it's your last chance to get them in.


Great nominations so far Smiley Happy




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by: harry58
on: 14/05/2014 | 17:41

shellter my vote go to as they help me a bit ago Smiley Happy

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by: shahzadh
on: 14/05/2014 | 18:23

I want to Nominate ITSAN ( International Topical Steroid Awareness Network): 




Firstly they are a American charity and I had only found them after a simple google search to help my eczema improve. After reading that website my life has completely changed! 


If someone has eczema or a rash etc. After seeing a doctor they are given topical steroid cream normally starting with weaker strength. This is exactly what happened to me. I used the cream as directed by my doctor, My eczema would clear but as soon as i stopped it would come back worse. I would go back to the doctor he would give me stronger Topical steroid. I could not figure out why my skin was getting worse was I allergic to something or eaten something i should not have. 


Well after reading this charity website. I realised i was addicted to the Topical Steroid and many more people around the world are to they just don't know it. until they stop using the Topical steroid it will simple be a cycle of getting worse and worse all due to the cream given by the docter.


This charity I found give a lot of support from other members and on the website on how to go ''cold turkey'' which is painful and slow process in which you skin goes mad for the steroid but eventually calming down. Have a look at the before and after gallery to get a idea how bad it can be. 


With the funding they will be able to create awareness about the damage Topical steroid can do and have better regulations for them. 


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by: mobilemax
on: 14/05/2014 | 20:46
shelter gets my vote too
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by: acebrennan
on: 14/05/2014 | 21:16

Hello GiffGaff Community


I'd like to nominate UNICEF for payback. UNICEF supports children in the developing world who through no choice of their own have an unfair start in life. Help UNICEF provide these children with clean water, food, health care and education so they have hope of a better future.

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by: diana1310
on: 14/05/2014 | 21:24 edited: 14/05/2014 | 21:26

I think RSPCA

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by: motorbikingdave
on: 14/05/2014 | 22:18

My choice would be




A charity trying to deliver life-changing services to single homeless people.


Crisis - what we do

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by: gordie10
on: 14/05/2014 | 23:05

@christian_b wrote:

Charity nominations will close tomorrow (Thursday 15th) at 6pm, so last chance to get them in. Great nominations so far.

Hey, Christian.


I just noticed the banner in the Hub says nominations close on "Friday 16th May", so you may want to get that changed. Smiley Happy

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