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Data roaming pricing

Started by: david_m
On: 27/07/2011 | 12:22
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by: pinkcalculator
on: 27/07/2011 | 21:03
I took the phone to France and one of the kids got very ill and ended up in hospital the hotel were usless and without the phone to call my mum to get help I don't know what we would
Have done. The insurance company even paid the phone bill. Never say never Smiley Sad
Well except about going back to France !
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by: aandms
on: 27/07/2011 | 21:10
lets not forget, theirs always wifi Smiley Wink
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by: pinkcalculator
on: 27/07/2011 | 21:14
You mean FREE WIFI yup McDonalds icecream is really good and the wifi a bonus
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by: lordvincent
on: 27/07/2011 | 21:18

aandms wrote:
@lordvincent luckily this is a pay and go network so when they offer **bleep** prices like this people are free to leave. They dont have a call centre to pass the savings on to customers, yet 3 offer similar packs(without being questioned at 20gb, theirs is 86gb) and better rates abroad. So where are these savings going? People say payback, but how many members actually get payback thats over say 20 quid?

I agree, the payback feature is often mentioned as that which makes the prices competitive, but the two should not be conflated in this way, they are completely separate. Giffgaff's prices must be competitive irrespective of payback.


I've seen countless posts saying how they receive more payback than they spend on giffgaff..but so what? this is completely irrelevant. If I work for my landlord and he ends up paying me a bit more than my rent, should I necessarily be happy and celebrate this fact? Or should I look at whether I'm being fairly compensated. The army of posters on these forums are no doubt cheaper than a call center, but what does that actually mean? It means that people work quite hard for very little recompense, indeed I reckon that most are paid much less pro rata than a call center worker in India.

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by: drusha
on: 27/07/2011 | 22:47

Ouch that's expensive!!! ,but not to worry too much we all know Telefonica owns  O2 who owns giffgaff ,most other countries are following the same model Spain etc ,so just swap your sim out to a Telefonica equivalent whilst abroad and you can save that way ;0) simples..

 Please don't berate me too much  about  O2 owning giffgaff as all the research ive done to date shows that this is the case and I'm happy to be corrected.(re-educated) Kind Regards Andy T.

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by: rathernicelydone
on: 27/07/2011 | 22:51
Giff Gaff are a virtual mobile phone operator that utilise the O2 network but that doesn't mean they are owned by them. Just like Virgin Mobile use the T-Mobile network but are not owned by them.
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by: aandms
on: 27/07/2011 | 22:59
@rathernicelydo… no its true, o2 own giffgaff.
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by: cim
on: 27/07/2011 | 23:56

Isn't there due to be a roaming cap of 80p/MB in EU from next summer? Shame gg were not able to pave the way and meet that figure now, but I suppose it partly depends on the wholesale price charged by other EU networks at the moment...


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by: turkeyphant
on: 28/07/2011 | 01:47

lordvincent wrote:

Why has David marked this thread as 'solved' with his own post linking to a tips article? This thread is to discuss and consult on data roaming charges, or at least that is how it was described by 'gaffer'.


This announcement is the latest of some very poor recent decisions. It has the appearance of being rushed - the announcement that it would be going live this week was made just a few days ago, and the prices seem to have been the result of a 'think of a number and double it' calculation on a cigarette packet down the pub. Why was this not announced a month ago?..or did they really just suddenly think of it and decide to haphazardly do it.


I too am rather surprised by the complete lack of consultation about this...



1. I hope these prices are not firm. They are pretty usurious and I'm concerned that Giffgaff will lose it's reputation as a good value network when main providers like Orange and Vodafone offer the same service ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE cheaper... This means nobody is going to use data roaming when foreign SIMs and rival UK networks are so much cheaper. You'll probably make less cash than if you'd set the rates much lower... Basic economics.

2. What does this mean for MMS roaming? Is it going to be moved over to data? Are all the problems people are having with MMS roaming going to be fixed?

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by: pengwyn
on: 28/07/2011 | 01:54

If the hotel has wifi on the whole they usually make it free to paying customers then use sip on sipgate  which is 1.11p per minute to a landline in the uk. Moral of the story get a sip enabled phone next time you visit the froggies

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