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Developing the Refurbished Phones Offer

Started by: kashwell
On: 01/02/2016 | 14:27
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by: kashwell
handy giff-staffer

on: 01/02/2016 | 14:27

Hello giffgaffers,


Who can believe we are already into February? and we’re very excited about what 2016 has in store and wanted to share some very exciting news with you.


Back in December 2014 we implemented a new idea suggested from pbaumann which was selling ‘refurbished phones’ (typically these are phones which have been returned through our 14 day change of mind policy or phones which have had their physical appearance improved to give them an almost perfect look and feel), you can check out the original post here.


Your feedback on this trial was amazing and after the trial in December 2014 you told us the parts of the offer that could be improved. We listened and we made the changes you asked for including extensions to the warranty period and the inclusion of a power cable in the box.


We now have an opportunity to trial another development to this original idea.


Have you ever tried buying and selling a phone on Ebay? It’s not always the most pleasant experience is it? Dealing with people/companies you don't know or trust, no quality control, a challenging process when you have a complaint or problem. We’d like to trial selling pre-owned phones on our website. But we’re going to do it a bit differently to everyone else and add a bit of the old giffgaff magic to the process.




  • We’re going to sell phones which have been recycled. (Recycled phones differ from refurbished phones. The main difference is that that the physical condition of the phone will not have been enhanced through a refurbishment process.)
  • All recycled phones will be sold unlocked
  • All recycled phones will be forensically data cleansed (all previous owners media and other data removed) and security checked for theft
  • Recycled Phones will be available in a variety of physical conditions and will be categorised and priced accordingly
  • All recycled Phones will come with a 6 month warranty 
  • All recycled Phones will come with a data/charging cable and sim key if relevant
  • All Phones will come with a giffgaff sim card
  • Phones available will be across all major brands 
  • These phones will be on a separate webpage from new phones
  • The member experience of buying a recycled phone for the purchase and post purchase will be identical to that of a new phone.


We want you to get involved and help us shape the future of how we sell pre owned phones. There will be lots of ways you can get involved from quick polls to web chats. So keep your eyes peeled on this thread.


Bye for now.





giffgaff Head of Phones
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by: mark1101b
on: 01/02/2016 | 14:47



Nice one Sean...Sounds like a good plan to me.... Smiley Happy



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by: dannyownz
on: 01/02/2016 | 15:20
Sounds good
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by: ray2
on: 01/02/2016 | 15:42

i for one would be interested in this,like you have said ebay is not always the best place t buy a pre owned phone.i brought a phone and within a week it had been blocked turned out it was stolen,i did eventually recieve my money back (thankgod i had payed through paypal) but was a pain in the rear to sort it all out.


i shall be interested to see the prices (although they will be different depending on the condition of the phone) and hope there are bargains to be had.


i like that you have included checking these phones are not nicked  and have a 6 month warranty,and are data cleansed.


sounds like a massive plus all round to me,nice one @kashwell Smiley Happy



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by: cps15966
on: 01/02/2016 | 16:05

Sounds like a good idea that would work quite well if promoted right.

Hopefully it will work out ok and be a good deal for people.


I am sure the things that go with it have been considered.


With not knowing your anticipated sales, it's difficult to know how smoothly this would run.


My concerns would be based not so much around the phones themselves (if tested fully and fully wiped they should be sound). It's more based around delivery, returns and problems.


There have been a few times where the system appears not to cope very well when it comes to this side of things and we do see some real horror stories.


If nothing is done to combat it or extra resources/quicker responses put in place then you will be adding to this. There is nothing worse than hoping for a simple straight forward process with the ultimate aim of a satisfied customer and your purchase turns into a nightmare and added influx of unhappy customers spending what could be equivalent to a years worth of goodybags in value in one pop.






cps15966 - The creator of the idea for @ mentions you have all come to use and love Smiley Tongue
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by: bertiebat
on: 01/02/2016 | 16:53

Yes I like this idea and have no criticism on what you are suggesting on selling. Smiley Happy


I've never bought a brand new phone and perfectly happy with graded products.  


I'd like to know a bit more on the sourcing of the phones though and whether giffgaff will be giving us an opportunity to 'recycle' or is that for a later stage maybe?

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by: rachel_mckelvey
on: 01/02/2016 | 17:05

Good idea, as I would be concerned about buying any phone over £100 on ebay - at any time it can be blocked

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by: brulaw
on: 01/02/2016 | 17:18



This seems like a natural progression for giffgaff to make , and l it would be another  great way of people getting a decent phone at a reasonable price ....


In your opening  post you say  .....


  • The member experience of buying a recycled phone for the purchase and post purchase will be identical to that of a new phone.

Does that mean that payment will also be through the same channels  ( Ratesetter ) ? 

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by: rong42
on: 01/02/2016 | 18:10

sounds interesting


I too would like to know more about the source of the phones

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by: macca28
on: 01/02/2016 | 20:10
i spend so much time on the help threads i miss these kind postings which i believe are absolute gems, i just can't wait for for the next episode in these developements, a giffgaff auction perhaps? . . Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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