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Discuss your ideas for a new giffgaff voicemail number! (24hour turnaround)

Started by: vincent
On: 04/05/2010 | 12:34
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 04/05/2010 | 12:34

Hi all,


As a lot of you know, our voicemail number is currently 111. Unfortunately a few of our members are using a Nexus One and Google in its infinite wisdom have decided to redirect the number to 112. Also, I think the government is going to steal our number in the future. They've somehow laid claim to it. I don't know the details, but men in black suits and sunglasses came around and informed us.


So here is your change to come up with our new voicemail number!


I've got a list here of numbers we can't use, which I won't publish, but will let your know if you pick one that is already in use.


So you don't have to come up with a number yourself, you can simply endorse someone else's suggestion.


Also, please bear in mind you can't use numbers starting with 1 or three repeated numbers like 222, 333, 444, etc.


Tomorrow evening I will see what the best numbers are and will then create a poll which will run until the end of Thursday after which we will try and get the chosen number.


Have fun and good luck!






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by: trick202
on: 04/05/2010 | 12:40

443 - GIF

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by: andy0
on: 04/05/2010 | 12:52 edited: 04/05/2010 | 12:58

O2 uses 901


Tesco uses 905, and it is a virtual brand on O2


giffgaff is already using a number ending in 904 as the number diverted to for voicemail


I suggest 904 would probably be easy to obtain or may even be already reserved by O2


so 904, 906, something like that?


or do people like sequential numbers like 456? - might be less likely to be still available though


edit: I thought of 434 similar to trick202's suggestion, and to the sms short code numbers, but I wonder if that will lead to a bit of confusion, especially if one of those might also be used for calling to top up (which doesn't seem impossible at the moment)


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by: simon69c
on: 04/05/2010 | 12:58


@trick202 wrote:

443 - GIF


Oh I like that idea!


Other than that my preference would be for something sequential (like the 456 suggested by andy0), or perhaps 258 or 852 (straight down or up the keypad).

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by: andy0
on: 04/05/2010 | 13:02

it's useful to have something that's easy on the keypad (I had an old credit card PIN of 9658 that I couldn't remember until I thought about the pattern),


... but on the other hand a lot of people will use speed-dial 1 anyway (once we've all taught each other how to edit that again)

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by: trick202
on: 04/05/2010 | 13:04

Yeah, after I posted, I looked at the keyboard on the office phone.


Maybe something easy on the thumbs/wrist - i.e. 0,8,9 are all a bit of a pain in the thumb Smiley Wink   1,4,5,2 are all pretty easy to reach and within the natural grip of one's hand.

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by: kaz
on: 04/05/2010 | 13:09

My immediate thought was 443 - same as trick202 - so kudos to him for thinking like me!  

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by: puntofisso
on: 04/05/2010 | 13:28

I know this might sound a silly idea - so I apologize if I offend anyone's brain power ;-)


But... can't we just solve the issue using a simple 0800xyz number?

I'm not really into telcoms (I'm into networking) but I wonder if the network can actually and securely get caller ID. Should this is possible:

- if I call it from my giffgaff num, it will get directly connected to the caller's voicemail box

- if I call it from a landline or a non giffaff number, I will be prompted for my pin and access the mailbox even if I've lost/forgot my phone.


What do you think? 

Giuseppe Sollazzo
a.k.a. puntofisso
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by: puntofisso
on: 04/05/2010 | 13:29

Erm, pardon my horrendous grammar and spelling in the previous message :-)


Giuseppe Sollazzo
a.k.a. puntofisso
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by: trick202
on: 04/05/2010 | 13:39

0800 numbers may be free to call, but they cost a lot to "host".


Not possible in this case, but a nice idea Smiley Wink

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