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Educator: simo_aba

Started by: simo_aba
On: 19/03/2015 | 14:37
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by: simo_aba
former giff-staffer

on: 19/03/2015 | 14:37 edited: 19/03/2015 | 14:38

1544499_888520917844665_7992942153714675038_n.jpgHello folks, I can finally reveal the identity behind the name “secret giffgaff educator”, hope to keep up with your expectations

Name: Simona

Title: Educator

Joined: 09/03/2015

Tea making ability: 4/5 A couple of years ago I didn’t drink tea at all, always thought that coffee was the best choice. Now I am a huge fan of all types of teas and I recently learned how to make chai tea with milk and spices

What mobile phone do you own?: Samsung Galaxy

Glass half empty or full: although I try to focus on the positive aspects, I can’t help but notice all the negative ones

Fun fact about yourself?: I like surprising people with handmade gifts, but sometimes they find themselves wondering if they can eat the cupcake or the chocolate mousse I made for them or if it’s just one of my natural beauty recipes

Hobbies/interests: I like traveling and learning more about different cultures, I also enjoy reading, listening to music, watching TV series. I love cooking (mostly Italian food, but I also try international food recipes) and having friends over for a dinner party. I recently developed a passion for healthy foods, organic and natural beauty products and recipes.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?: I would like to be an eagle, fierce, strong and free, but I would probably end up being a cat, because their lifestyle is all about sleeping, eating and cuddling Smiley Happy

Previous experience/background?: I have a Master in International Relations and European Studies; I worked in the field of EU programmes.

Why did you join giffgaff?: because I love the giffgaff way of doing things. Also for the awesome office Smiley Wink

Where do you see yourself in two years from now?: I would probably be living in a random small island where it’s summer all the time

Anything else you would like to share?: Feel free to PM me if you fancy a chat

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by: alicepowell
on: 19/03/2015 | 14:41
Wonderful to finally be able to put an name to the mystery educator. Welcome to the mad house!

So long and thanks for all the fish payback! 

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by: talisker35
on: 19/03/2015 | 14:48

Hi Simona ()


Welcome to the giffgaff family,  now i know who the mystery ed is  that's been popping up here and there lol.


Hope you are settling in well and getting to grips with the madhouse.




Ps once your here you can never leave Smiley Wink


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by: bethkatez
on: 19/03/2015 | 14:49
Hi Simona Smiley Happy welcome to giffgaff!
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by: jeff_elephant
on: 19/03/2015 | 15:02

Welcome to the Community Curly Simo!

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by: gordie10
on: 19/03/2015 | 15:13

Hi, Simona! Smiley Happy


You have no gaming background! Amazing! Smiley Tongue

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by: sabrina_m22
former giff-staffer

on: 19/03/2015 | 15:15

Yaaay Simona you finally exist Smiley Very Happy

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by: pinkcalculator
on: 19/03/2015 | 15:43
Ah finally all is revealed and I was correct I just knew you were female and Will tried to trick me by saying he when refered to you.
Lovely to finally see you with your own identity
Pink x
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by: allan1954
on: 19/03/2015 | 15:49
welcome to giffgaff @simo aba
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