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Happy Payback Day: £31k goes to charity

Started by: clairekav
On: 13/12/2012 | 17:06
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by: clairekav
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:06

Twice a year we pay back our members who have helped giffgaff grow by helping members in the community by answering questions and recommending giffgaff to their friends and family.


We've already paid back thousands of pounds last week to members who got in early, selected to take their Payback as credit.


The top earner this time has pocketed over £8k - clearly they've had a busy 6 months!


We're really pleased to announce that £31,200 will be shared between the Community chosen charities - Teenage Cancer Trust and Air Ambulance service. Our generous members donated £15,600 in points, and as giffgaff matches you donated points, we're pleased to announce each charity will get £15,600.


PayPal payments: All PayPal payments have been sent over to PayPal, their systems will be running hot getting all the payments flowed through. You'll be able to log in and see you payment there, in the past it has taken a few hours for all the payments to hit accounts. 


Many of you have already received and probably spent your PayPal payment! There are payments still trickling through 


Credit payments: Credit payments will be processed today, again it'll take a few hours for the payments to hit accounts


Charity payment: Thank you to the generous donations of Payback points to the community chosen charities: Teen Cancer Research and Air Ambulance service will receive £15,600 each. 


If you're still waiting on your payment to hit your PayPal account / balance - don't panic, as mentioned it will take several hours for things to flow through 


We'll do a sweep up of failed payments next week and retry them - only if you've not received your Payback by the 20th December, please contact an agent. The Agents will be able to check the status of your payment after next Thursday once we've retried credit payments and PayPal have sent us a list of failed payments.


For more info, please see this post for FAQ's etc

Note: If someone has answered your question in 'Ask the community', please mark it as 'accepted solution’, then we know you're sorted
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:07
Fantastic news
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by: simmsreece
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:09

recieved my payback, no probs Smiley Very Happy

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by: usmanozzy786
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:09
WOW, lovely to hear the money is being shared between charities Smiley Happy

I hope it helps them alot
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by: jburnham96
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:09 edited: 13/12/2012 | 19:30

That's a huge amount! Have we had the confirmation of how much money was made in total yet? I have my bets on just under £2 million. Smiley Happy

I'm back on the community as Oddeas!
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by: madcatlady
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:09
Thanks Giffgaff. Christmas has come early😃
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by: kausar
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:10
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by: midgedog
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:10
Great news - well done to everybody and GiffGaff for their generosity!
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by: ste53
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:10
Nice to see a cancer charity gets something....the sooner they concer this desease the better.
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by: kiwatche
on: 13/12/2012 | 17:10
is it payback day? i diem realise Smiley Happy

well done to those who donated to charity
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