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Heads up - Telephone Surveys

Started by: jamaica1962
On: 05/03/2019 | 17:05
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by: jamaica1962
handy giff-staffer

on: 05/03/2019 | 17:05

Hi lovely everyone,


As you may know, giffgaff is growing, thanks to members like you spreading the word. As such, more and more nowadays we need to get an objective perspective on how we’re doing. That’s why I wanted to give you a bit of a heads up. Starting today and carrying on until next week (5th-15th March), you might be called by a research agency that’s doing some telephone surveys for us. They’re called Quadrangle, ( and we’ve asked them to call a few random giffgaffers with some specific questions. If you are called, it will be because you were opted in to third-party marketing in your preferences ( The call could be around 15 minutes and it is usually less.


They’ll not be selling anything to you - all they’re looking for is some info on how you feel about giffgaff and what parts of giffgaff you might have used. Where Quadrangle asks for any details about you, this is purely for the purposes of the research. They will not use this information, or allow others (including giffgaff) to use it to sell or market any products or services to you. Quadrangle relies on your full consent to collect, hold and use your personal information and you are free to withdraw your consent at any time.


If you want to take part, just answer a few questions and it’ll really help us out. If you don’t, just let them know politely, and they’ll not be offended.


You can read more about the guidelines they’ll be operating under here: (


The “why” of why we’re doing this is because it’s important for us to get an objective view on how all of our members feel about giffgaff and what we do. It’ll feed into a larger piece of work within Telefonica about how all the networks are doing, so that we can make sure that we’re on the right track - as I’m sure we are.


If you have any questions about this or anything else, let me and the team know. We will be here to answer as much as we can.






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by: sha_shah1
on: 05/03/2019 | 17:12


Thanks for informing us .

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by: digit2
on: 05/03/2019 | 17:31
Thank you for informing us of this @jamaica1962. I can’t remember if I opted in or not, maybe I’ll find out.
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by: kathleen414
on: 05/03/2019 | 17:33

Hiya @jamaica1962 

Thank you for telling us about this in advance , we can then tell as my members that is not a fraud and it's something giffgaff are aware of.

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 05/03/2019 | 17:37

@jamaica1962  iam glad you told us as when i here calls like this i usually end and block .

So i will ..if chosen listen 😄


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by: bornagain1
on: 05/03/2019 | 18:45
As a deaf user (cochlear implant), I would be unable to take part in a telephone survey, but I'm more than happy to do an online survey.
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by: ashleybristoluk
on: 05/03/2019 | 18:57

happy to do it 

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by: titan2019
on: 06/03/2019 | 07:52

Thanks for the heads up.


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by: bladerunner929
on: 06/03/2019 | 08:37

Unfortunately if most do not recognise the callers number or if its a private number I'm guessing a large number of members may reject the call

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by: jokeyboi77
on: 06/03/2019 | 09:55

I'm opted out @jamaica1962, but I don't understand what would be the difference between a telephone call and an online survey that we can all choose to do if we want, I find calling people intrusive. 

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