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Help Yourself Competition - Win £250 Amazon Vouchers

Started by: chriskm
On: 25/05/2012 | 16:43
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by: nabeel_nabs
on: 07/06/2012 | 12:16 edited: 07/06/2012 | 14:10

@jsmyth2112 wrote:
So that's who won the 500 amazon vouchers? Why were we not told about that??

It was announced in the thread, but this guy even got a blog post Smiley Very Happy. I haven't recieved the vouchers so that may be why...


EDIT-Just recieved them Smiley Very Happy.

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by: valluci
on: 20/06/2012 | 11:11
time to get real g-gaffy.
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by: rizwan2k12
on: 05/08/2012 | 18:22
Good competition I hope I get picked
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by: clrkean
on: 11/10/2012 | 13:12


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