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How will you spend your Payback? (Summer 2012 Edition)

Started by: gregg_b
On: 28/05/2012 | 15:44
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by: gregg_b
former giff-staffer

on: 28/05/2012 | 15:44 edited: 28/05/2012 | 15:46

Hi guys,


It's almost time to celebrate my first payback period at giffgaff and I am amazed at all the hard work and dedication you have shown this period! It looks like we are set to hand out an incredible amount of money and everyone at giffgaff hq is working hard to make it happen.


But while we work through some incredibly complex calculations why dont you tell us how you plan to spend your payback if you opted to take it as cash? 


Here is how some of the community team would spend it, if they were allowed to that is:


The_Joseph would spend his on Wedding Favours, everyone knows home made ones are better though!


Craig_t would put his money towards a fancy new TV, although I doubt it would improve his FIFA skills...


Oh_kari is greedy and would use it on lots of Vivienne Westwood, flights away from the Olympics and sleeper tickets on The Flying Scotsman. Sadly for Kari the Olympics will be shown across the world so there is no escaping them!


t_will would actually use the money to go to the USA. Question is, where in the US?


Alex_w would spend it on Guild Wars 2. Not predictable at all!


Personally I would use it to buy a fan, it's so hot right now!


Anyway, I am way more interested to know how you guys plan to spend it, add pictures if you want as we all love those Smiley Happy



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by: bakerjake
on: 28/05/2012 | 15:45
im gonna bank it and do nout with it.
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by: sydbrazil1
on: 28/05/2012 | 15:45
Towards a new phone
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by: deeplish23
on: 28/05/2012 | 15:51

Credit for my phone.

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by: foolish
on: 28/05/2012 | 15:53

I have just enough for 6 x £10 goodybags and that is where it will go.  Smiley Happy

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by: nosh
on: 28/05/2012 | 15:58
I'm hopefully ganna save it up and. Get a new fne Smiley Happy
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by: jtemplar
on: 28/05/2012 | 16:01

Mine gets added to my iPhone 5 fund; together with all my eBay sales I should be ready to buy direct from Apple at launch and stick my giffgaff SIM straight in Smiley LOL

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by: leonc888
on: 28/05/2012 | 16:05
mine is being used for spending money for my holiday in Cuba on 27th June (hopefully it will of cleared my bank by then)
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by: pedromap
on: 28/05/2012 | 16:31
replacement android phone scratched the screen on my phone
Mageia 6.0 Linux (x86_64) with default UEFI bootloader
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by: zerodudex333
on: 28/05/2012 | 16:45

Going to buy an android tablet hopefully Smiley Happy

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