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Huawei and Android - what you need to know

Started by: kashwell
On: 23/05/2019 | 17:02
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by: newcrazymember2018
on: 04/08/2019 | 19:03
Things seem to be looking up now 😊
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by: belin92779
on: 05/08/2019 | 08:51
I really couldn't give mine up either. Best mobile I ever owned tbh.
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by: belin92779
on: 05/08/2019 | 08:56
Can anyone tell me the current state of play with Huawei?
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by: ivandrago2012
on: 09/08/2019 | 01:04

I really want the p30 Pro 

this is very annoying. 

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by: tagelaso
on: 09/08/2019 | 12:30 edited: 09/08/2019 | 12:54

Huawei has announced its own 'open source' operating system called HarmonyOS.


They claim that the system will be be faster and safer than Android, and that if they are 'unable' to access Android, they can deploy HarmonyOS 'at any time'.


The operating system will be adopted in its smart screen products, due to launch later this year, and will be expanded over the next three years into wearables and other devices.



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by: newcrazymember2018
on: 09/08/2019 | 16:23
Will this new operating system be coming out on current Huawei phones are will it only be future releases?
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by: titan2019
on: 09/08/2019 | 22:31

Thanks for a great post.


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by: misobod
on: 10/08/2019 | 00:44

Just bought a cubot because I remember when Huawei came out they were cheap,no more, but I decided to gamble and I'm happy.Am really glad I didn't buy a Huawei! Thanks for the heads up, comprehensive.

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by: newcrazymember2018
on: 17/08/2019 | 22:48

Are things looking up for Huawei now would you lot say? I have heard about the mate 30 that is due to be released earlier than last years model! 

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