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Started by: vincent
On: 13/01/2010 | 11:03
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by: prestonian
on: 31/12/2010 | 11:11

Hello Everyone! I joined giffgaff yesterday. I had no problems activating the sim, or topping up my credit. Found the internet settings page very helpful. So far, so good!

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by: elaine_james
on: 31/12/2010 | 16:35

Hi yer I am James of Elaine_James I am very old in body not got passed 25 years old in mind / thoughts.....

I get a bit Tied up with this Tec stuff .....

so am relying on yer       I will be coming on to GiffGaff on MARCH 2011 With your approval

cu James

Kind Regards James
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by: richardlower
on: 31/12/2010 | 20:37

Hi all.

 Happy New Year to all GiffGaffers.

Just joined and activated my sim. No problems topping up etc. Have just given notice to Virgin so will be sending my PAC code shortly and using GiffGaff full time.

Looking forward to good service in the future from an organisation that cares.

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by: beans
on: 01/01/2011 | 00:52

The names Beans.. not really: it's Brandon! Smiley Wink


I'm 14 and am working towards my GCSE's in school; I play piano, guitar and PS3 Smiley Very Happy


I'm ditching my Blackberry for an iPhone soon and I'm planning to make the switch from tmobile to GiffGaff within the next week or so.   Smiley Happy




See 'ya around I guess


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by: aks782
on: 01/01/2011 | 16:36
Welcome to you all above, please find the link to some very helpful giffgaff pages here:

For a giffgaff sim with £5 FREE CREDIT when you activate, click here

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by: chantel
on: 01/01/2011 | 19:49


       im chantel hope you have had agood new year

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by: mother57
on: 01/01/2011 | 19:57
hi chantel, see you been on giffgaff since sept but only just posting,

welcome to gifgaff forum, hope you had a good new and be great to see you popping in more often, it a friendly fun bunch here
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by: pierg75
on: 02/01/2011 | 00:19



I'm Pier, living in Fleet and I'm an IT guy.

Just came to UK few moths ago (I'm Italian Smiley Wink ).


Happy new year!!



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by: panther97
on: 02/01/2011 | 19:47
Hi, Pier

Welcome to giffgaff! It's always nice having a new user to a new website and a new country?! Smiley Very Happy

Have a happy new year at giffgaff and in the United Kingdom! Smiley Very Happy

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by: andreww
on: 02/01/2011 | 19:50

Welcome Pier or should i say benvenuti!!  Smiley Wink

Missing in Action (last seen in the pub) Smiley Very Happy
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