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Introduce yourself here!

Started by: vincent
On: 13/01/2010 | 11:03
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by: richyb16
on: 07/01/2013 | 10:47

Hiall, I'm Rich and I'm hoping this was a good move from Vodafone's 2 year contracts!

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by: magscaf
on: 07/01/2013 | 13:17
hi all,
i'm Maggie been here a short while thought i may as well introduce myself, and welcome also to other new GGaffers
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by: harry58
on: 07/01/2013 | 14:04

welcome maggie Heart

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by: stephenwilson
on: 07/01/2013 | 14:18

Good after noon all new gg users and welcome

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by: hammis
on: 07/01/2013 | 19:01
Welcome all newbies.
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by: redisblue
on: 07/01/2013 | 22:52
Welcome Maggie Smiley Happy
Welcome to all new comers on giffgaff ...
We are all here to help and support
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by: plebbles
on: 08/01/2013 | 06:44 edited: 08/01/2013 | 06:51

Hi Giffgaff-ers,


I have been introduced to the network by my partner (Yetunyahoo) who has been using it for a while now,


I just had to wait for my contract with Orange to end before i could switch over networks.


I ported my number across without a hitch & added a recurring Goodybag to the account , both with no problems.


I have no regrets joining the network to date - with the monthly outgoing it saved him (and now me) i thought -


"Why not, what's to lose?"


Let me tell you, so far, nothing, it's all been hunky-dorey & smooth sailing.


So this is just my first simple post to basically say -


"Hello fellow Giffgaffers, Happy New Year & thanks for letting me into your exclusive club".


Smiley Happy


(Maybe/Hopefully i can add to the forum & help others in their quest for a happy Giff-life)

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by: harry58
on: 08/01/2013 | 09:49

Hello and welcome to gg plebbles

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by: stephenwilson
on: 08/01/2013 | 12:11

Welcome to gg all new network users

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by: pr08rad
on: 08/01/2013 | 12:21
Hi to all fellow giffs and gaffs, I've been browsing the forums a short while now and am well impressed. My names brad, and I'm just in the process of setting up my SIM card, and will then be looking to port the rest of the family in once I've found my feet.
There is never a shortage of people willing to answer questions and help out. Hopefully as time goes on I will be to bring something more to the community and improve my kudos etc

Keep up the good work.
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