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Started by: vincent
On: 13/01/2010 | 11:03
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by: vincent
on: 14/06/2010 | 11:36

Welcome to giffgaff vaughaney!


Glad you discovered us and looking forward to your contributions here Smiley Happy


So have a look around, chip in where you can and let us know any feedback you might have or any ideas you fancy sharing.





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by: setaylor
on: 15/06/2010 | 09:30

My name is Sarah, I'm an MA student and I'm one of those desperate graduates who wants a job! I joined giffgaff yesterday because I liked the ethos and I was a Pay and Go 02 customer, so I thought I'd give it a try! 


My twitter name is sarahtaylor175 and my blog is


I look forward to getting to know giffgaff and the rest of the community! 


Have a good day!


Sarah x

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by: clongbottom
on: 15/06/2010 | 14:32

Welcome Sarah! Congrats on graduating, hope you find something! Smiley Happy

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by: vincent
on: 15/06/2010 | 14:58

Hi Sarah,


Welcome to the community!


Pretty heavy subject you've chosen for your dissertation, pfew..


Anyway, glad you could join us and feel free to give feedback and chip in anywhere you like Smiley Happy

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by: kerbitroy
on: 16/06/2010 | 10:46

Hello all!

My name is Ben, and a friend informed me about giffgaff yesterday, and I really like the concept! I just finished taking my AS-Levels last week, so my 3 month summer holidays have started!

You can find me on

Please read this before asking a question: Newbies FAQs

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by: vincent
on: 16/06/2010 | 10:57

Lucky you kerbitroy!


Hope your AS-Levels went well Smiley Happy


3 Months to get stuck into giffgaff, welcome aboard!

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by: redhead17
on: 16/06/2010 | 19:26



My name is Kerie and I'm in the process of transferring my mobile number and looking forward to using the service!


I think that giffgaff is a fantastic idea - more power to us all Smiley Happy

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by: ncampbell
on: 17/06/2010 | 09:42

Hi Kerie,


Welcome along and glad to see your making the most out of the service so far. If you have any questions there's lot's of people here with answers! as you say..."More power to us all"


Enjoy giffgaff!

Nigel Campbell
giffgaff Advisor

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by: andycat
on: 17/06/2010 | 10:11

Hi, I'm Andy (andycat).


Just joined giffgaff whilst looking at iPhone 4's! Decided I'll stay with my existing phone and use giffgaff when my contract ends next month.


I'm a IT manager for a large Technology College, and fettle all the Mobile phones/devices here! I've lots of experience with iphone, Windows Mobile and business phones generally, and love gadgets and gizmos.


By night I'm a Tuba and Bass Trombone player, working in Shows/orchestras/operas/big bands and running a brass band as well!


Hope to be of help.



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by: vincent
on: 17/06/2010 | 14:23

Welcome to the community Andy!


Glad you could join us. It's always good to have someone with your experience here. Anything you'd like to contribute is greatly appreciated, so I'm looking forward to your contributions Smiley Happy


Make yourself at home and give feedback where you can.





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