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Introducing The Panel

Started by: riajoy
On: 03/10/2018 | 12:17
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by: riajoy
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on: 03/10/2018 | 12:17 edited: 03/10/2018 | 13:41

Hello everyone,


I hope everything’s going well with you all.


You may have noticed my absence on the forum recently, this is because I’ve been working on a new exciting project: code named 'The Panel’.


As giffgaff has grown it has become increasingly difficult to include members in absolutely everything we do, we try our best and together with you lovely folk we have made some brilliant things happen, it is however getting more and more difficult to hear from a diverse pool of members on a regular basis.


So this is where ‘The Panel’ comes in. Our ambition is to invite a wide variety of members from across the giffgaff base to join our member research, feedback, learning group of initially 2000 members.

The pool of members will be scaled over time, for now though we want to keep it small so that we can test, experiment and see how it’s going.


The purpose of the panel is to enable our product teams across the business to work closer with our members ahead of implementing new ideas, amending existing product or making decisions on future ventures. This should always be done together with our members, staying true to our value of run by you.

The panel will be involved in anything from surveying, testing new experiences before launch, through to coming into the office for group discussions. Exactly what shape each piece of involvement takes will vary and will be something that will evolve through working together with the members of 'The Panel'.


We will start this as an experiment initially so we will be inviting a random selection of members across the whole of our member base to sign up. 


There will be ongoing invites as we go forward and scale, so don’t be alarmed if you get an e-mail invite further down the line.


Together with our members we want to make an even better giffgaff, this new initiative, combined with our community discussion groups and consultations should inject more of our run by you ethos into the wider business and continue to put our members feelings, needs, wants and opinions at the heart of giffgaff.


The 1st  round of e-mail invites will be going out next week so watch this space. I’m sure we will see some of you friendly peeps over on ‘The Panel’.


Oh, before I wrap up, ‘The Panel’ is a place holder name, we are going to make finding a proper name for the panel the first task for the members that will join this group. So from day one it will have our members stamp on it - just the way we like it. 


Thank's everyone for taking the time to read this, please do share your thoughts and let me or @amy_b_d know if you have any questions.




Ria - Engagement Lead
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by: as7861
on: 03/10/2018 | 14:39

Hi @riajoy


Welcome back !


The Panel, sound exiting. 


I really feel this truely run by you intiative Smiley Tongue


So the panel has my vote ! 

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by: mangowalk
on: 03/10/2018 | 15:15
Sounds like a very good idea! cheers
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 03/10/2018 | 16:53

That sounds exciting @riajoy, are the 'panel' members involved in the testing of the new platform or will that be different members?

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by: persco
on: 03/10/2018 | 16:59

Great idea. Goes to show giffgaff still do things differently. I hope there is active engagement between members and staff alike. 

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 03/10/2018 | 17:21

Hi @riajoy@amy_b_d

This sounds like a great idea and something the members to really get involved with 

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by: claire1uk
on: 03/10/2018 | 17:23


That sounds great, giffgaff is moving forward with the times, but i can see its going to be a juggling act to expand and keep members involved in the 'Run by you' context that giffgaff used to work along. 

Good luck. 

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by: mcilwraith
on: 03/10/2018 | 18:37

anything that involves closer interaction with members sounds pretty good to me

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by: giffgaff20147
on: 03/10/2018 | 18:52


A great idea to get members views 

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