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Introducing our new ad campaign ' Stay because you want to stay'

Started by: riajoy
On: 05/04/2018 | 14:19
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by: figment_uk
on: 08/04/2018 | 12:07

I don't get it. 


Someone care to explain the point this advert is attempting to convey? 


To me, the ad says nothing about giffgaff being a mobile network, until the logo and tagline appear at the end.

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by: bulletthebluesky341
on: 08/04/2018 | 18:43
I saw the advert on TV (not, I hasten to add, whilst watching The Voice), and to be honest, I thought it was another of those poem ads for Nationwide (which I do actually like), right up until the end when giffgaff appeared on the screen. Having watched it another couple of times via the link on this thread, I do now get what it is trying to portray, but wonder how many potential customers will, as I did initially, consider it completely unrelated to a mobile network. As others have said, the woman on the ad does talk quickly, and so her words and meaning are not clear unless one really pays attention.

Having said all of that, however, I do think it is an improvement on the swimmer ads. I just hope that viewers will pay enough attention to grasp the message: perhaps not the first time they see it, but perhaps curiosity will cause them to listen more carefully on subsequent viewings.
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by: woodyuk
on: 08/04/2018 | 21:07

As an engineer my talents if any tend to lie with practical things rather than creative ones so I'm no great judge as to the quality of the new giffgaff ad but in the last day I have noticed a fair amount of comments at Twitter about it and as yet not one of them has been positive with the two most common points being "poetry ads are old hat now" and "why are giffgaff copying Nationwide rather than doing something original?".


Here's a selection from the last 24 hours:-



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by: persco
on: 08/04/2018 | 21:14

Seen a few positive ones @woodyuk but yeah, a number of negative ones but defo dragging out attention negative or positive. 

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by: woodyuk
on: 08/04/2018 | 22:07

@persco I haven't seen a positive one yet but only went back about 10 hours to see what there was after spotting a few recent negative ones.They keep coming though:-



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by: persco
on: 08/04/2018 | 22:28

@woodyuk Here is is a significant one for you 😂 even ordered a sim





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by: mcilwraith
on: 09/04/2018 | 11:23

i like it




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by: mijthebarber
on: 09/04/2018 | 15:06
@riajoya much better slogan ,,, well done giffgaff
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by: kath72
on: 09/04/2018 | 15:09
Saw it on the side of a bus today
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