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June 2012 Payback Charity Chosen!

Started by: gregg_b
On: 01/06/2012 | 16:03
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by: gregg_b
former giff-staffer

on: 01/06/2012 | 16:03 edited: 01/06/2012 | 16:04

Hi everyone,


Firstly, thank you to everyone who has nominated and voted on a charity for our June 2012 payback period. After receiving just over 1,000 votes we are delighted to be able to announce the Ummah Welfare Trust as our winning charity from the ten nominated by the community.


Here is a bit more information about this very worth charity:




The Ummah Welfare Trust is a global relief and development charity founded on the principles of Islam, however their charity extends to everyone who needs their help – regardless of background. The charity operates a 100% donations policy, ensuring that all money donated goes directly to their cause rather than funding further fundraising. UWT are currently raisingfunds for families in Somalia.



We will be posting up a blog about this tomorrow and don't forget, if you have any feedback or suggestions about this payback periods nomination/vote process please use this feedback thread.





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by: usmanozzy786
on: 01/06/2012 | 16:05
thanks greggs
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by: drlatheef
on: 01/06/2012 | 16:06
Thanks for the update Gregg!
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by: macca28
on: 01/06/2012 | 16:22

thank you for that,

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by: dawncn69
on: 01/06/2012 | 16:23
Thanks for the update
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by: khairul
on: 01/06/2012 | 16:26

Is that a typo? Smiley Tongue
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by: gregg_b
former giff-staffer

on: 01/06/2012 | 16:40

@khairul wrote:

Is that a typo? Smiley Tongue

I hope so Smiley Embarassed

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by: sheeple
on: 01/06/2012 | 18:55

How long did it take Robert Mugawbe to count the votes?

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by: kulsum
on: 01/06/2012 | 22:33
thanx, wooop UWT won!!!!! Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy
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by: mgb2
on: 01/06/2012 | 23:12

In keeping with the spirit of "the network run by it's members" I sincerely hope giffgaff will be releasing figures of the numbers of votes cast by 'members' of less than 2 weeks standing... particularly those without ACTIVE SIMS?


In view of the campaigning that happened, I'd personally question the ethics of anyone saying things like;




that really doesn't square with the kind of behaviour I'd expect of charities that I might support... In fact I'd go so far as to say that the explicit canvassing for supposed 'members' to sign up just to vote is akin to GAMING.



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