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March Super Recruiter promotion

Started by: sanpower
On: 28/02/2018 | 19:17
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by: sanpower
former giff-staffer

on: 28/02/2018 | 19:17 edited: 05/03/2018 | 13:47

Hi folks,

Before I share some very exciting news.
I used to be in the phones team (as gadgetchamp) and now I am in the Super Recruiter sales team helping our members bring on more friends for more rewards.

The exciting news... we’re about to launch a special promotion for Super Recruiters during March 2018.


To reward Supers who go over and above their usual activity at bringing new members to giffgaff, we’ll be offering an activation bonus for all their additional recruits.


How does it work?

It depends on which level Super Recruiter you are, so take a look below…


For apprentices & experts

We’ll give you a target based on your current monthly average, and if you hit that target you’ll get a £5 activation bonus for all the extra recruits (above your current average).



Your current average is 5 recruits per month and you get a target of 7 recruits for March.

If you recruit 7 or more new members in March you’ll get a £5 activation bonus for all recruits, apart from your first 5 recruits (as that’s your current average). If you recruit 6, you won’t get any bonus.


For masters

You’ll get your own personal targets and bonus scheme, which will be based on your previous performance.


As with all promos, there are some terms & conditions.


We’ll be sending out emails to all Super Recruiters with more details very soon, so keep an eye on your inbox folks.


Want to get a head start? Order more SIMs now. 


And if you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about in this post, check out our Super Recruiter page for more info about the programme itself.


Happy recruiting one and all.


The giffgaff team

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by: cadufo86
on: 28/02/2018 | 20:14

Bravo, bravo, bravo.... At last giffgaff doing something for the Super Recruiters!

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by: tuneintestaccount
on: 28/02/2018 | 21:25
Awesome stuff, great to hear this! I'm not a Super Recruiter just yet, but this will certainly provide Super's with a bit more encouragement to get more activations, seeing as though the Super programme has remained a bit stagnant and none of the bonuses/special offers regarding Payback tend to be given to Supers...
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by: mcilwraith
on: 28/02/2018 | 21:34

good news for the bigger recruiters

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by: jokeyboi77
on: 28/02/2018 | 22:38

An extra wee bonus for SRs, I hope everyone hits their target, goodluck! My target will be 1 up from the average 0. 😂😂😂

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 01/03/2018 | 13:29


A very welcome initiative and one the should benefit all parties .


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by: ma2013
on: 01/03/2018 | 16:14
Great stuff, rewarding those who are recruiting members to giffgaff is a great idea! Thanks. 😁📱☺️
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by: kathleen414
on: 02/03/2018 | 17:54

Hey @sanpower 

Its fab to hear for members who try to bring us newbies Smiley Happy

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by: phonemaniac
on: 02/03/2018 | 18:46

Perfect so immediatly contact me i will send you free sim eheheh bye

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by: dlen
on: 02/03/2018 | 19:53


Good idea but im not going to be earning any bonuses.  My base rate has been set about 3 times what I average a month over the past 12 months.   

I have to get about an extra 200 recruits to what I have been getting recently to even start getting any bonus.


Seems like the master recruiter base rate is off by quite a bit? Anyone else?



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