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Started by: giffgaff-team
On: 26/07/2018 | 17:19
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by: giffgaff-team
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on: 26/07/2018 | 17:19 edited: 23/11/2018 | 18:15

Hey you. You're probably wondering who the folks with the little staff symbols are next to their name. Well, allow us to introduce ourselves...


We are the Community Team. What exactly is it we do, we hear you ask? What is an Educator? Well, make a quick cuppa, sit down and get comfy while we tell you a little bit about all of that.


At giffgaff we are known as 'Educators'. This means that our main purpose here is to educate our members through positive reinforcement. This is different to ‘Moderators’ as here at giffgaff we are a self-moderating community.  Our 'run by you' ethos means our members let us know if there is anything we should be aware of rather than us actively looking for stuff. That means we have more time to focus on bringing cool stuff to the fore rather than having to punish bad behaviour.


Educators and the rest of the community team are also here to ensure our member’s voices are heard, and to keep you all in the loop with any company decisions/ discussions, as well feeding back to the bigger team our members ideas and contributions to help improve giffgaff. We're not a support team in the traditional sense - we support you to do the best you can on the community, no matter what your skills are.


Keep an eye out for us sending you a quick private message - we're a chatty bunch and are always trying to get to know people whenever we can.


We're excited to have you all on board with us at giffgaff and can't wait to get to know you all - and so you can get to know us a bit better, here's a little bit more about us.


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Alex - @alexandra_mg

Community Educator

on the team since October 2016  |  giffgaffer since October 2012


When Alex isn't on the giffgaff community chatting to you lovely bunch, she can usually be found doing one of the following: Gaming, listening to music, catching up on the latest Technology news, sitting comfortably engrossed in a great crime/thriller book, watching a film or Documentary (generally with a nice bit of popcorn on the side!) or running around after her children and entertaining her family. These are just a few of the interests that keep her busy, always up for trying something new, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to drop her a PM!


Dez - @dez_d

Community Educator

on the team since September 2017  |  giffgaffer since June 2012



Guy - @guy_ow

Community Educator

on the team since August 2016  |  giffgaffer since November 2010



Kara - @_kara_

Community Educator

on the team since August 2016  |  giffgaffer since July 2012


Paul - @paul_d_

Community Educator

on the team since April 2017  |  giffgaffer since August 2013


Simone - @simone_w

Community Educator

on the team since December 2016  |  giffgaffer since March 2013


When Simone isn't on the community she can be found reading an intense thriller or fantasy novel, bingewatching the latest shows on netflix or going on a spontaneous road trip, and daydreaming about sloths. She's always on the lookout for new books to read, shows or films to watch, and places to visit so feel free to drop her a PM if you have any recommendations or just fancy a chat.


Arletta - @arlettak

 WFH Educator Lead

on the team since January 2017  |  giffgaffer since January 2016


Arletta manages our lovely team of Educators above, who you'll probably be chatting to every now and again. They help you use the community and teach how to help in the best way - Arletta's the one who helps them out with that. 



Roxy - @roxy_r

Help and Support Lead

on the team since September 2015


Roxy looks after the entire Help and Support process, both on the forum and outside of it, to make sure members can always get the support they need easily.


Anton - @antonlg

Knowledge Base Specialist

on the team since May 2017


Anton is our Knowledge Base specialist, making sure folks who want to learn about giffgaff can do so easily.



Henna - @h_henna

Help and Support Specialist

on the team since June 2018


Henna is focused on making sure helpers have the tools and knowledge they need to do what they do best. If you're interested in helping out on the community, drop her a line.



Prescilla - @prescilla_g

Labs and Ideas Lead

on the team since July 2015


Prescilla heads up Labs, the community ideation platform. Got an idea that could change giffgaff for the better? Head over to Labs and let us know.



Fadlur - @fadlur_f

Labs and Ideas Specialist

on the team since May 2017


Fadlur's our friendly Labs specialist, who checks through all the ideas you submit. Want to know what makes a quality giffgaff idea? Talk to Fadlur.


Ria - @riajoy

Engagement Lead

on the team since August 2016


Ria co-ordinates our lovely engagement team. Their job is simple - give you opportunities to enjoy giffgaff. Want to do something fun? These folks can help you out.


Shaina - @shaina_k

Content Manager

on the team since July 2015


Among other things, Shaina's responsible for giffgaff Studio, the tool that lets you giffgaff up your images on the community. Drop her a line to let her know what you think!


Amy - @amy_b_d

 Content Specialist

on the team since September 2013


If you want to dive into the world of content creation, you can speak to Amy. Her role is to help you become better content creators and then share your content in all the right places. Whether you want to be better writers, graphic designers, video makers, you name it she'll help you make it happen. Then she will try and make you all famous by sharing your content on Facebook or Twitter, YouTube, Emails and the community homepage.


If you want to get involved head on over to the content creators group and be part of our wonderful world. 


When she's not on the community, she'll be at home either reading, gaming, watching Netflix and chilling, cooking, learning to speak Greek or out and about taking photographs of weird and wonderful things and places. Just like this triceratops here. 



Aggie - @aggy_agate

Content Specialist

on the team since September 2014


Got a top tip you haven't shared yet? Aggie can help you get it into the wider world.


Will - @t_will

Rewards and Recognition Specialist

on the team since April 2012


Will works on making sure members are appropriately rewarded for the great work they do and that people know about it. If there's one way to make him happy, it's telling someone else on the community how much you appreciated something they've done.


Alex - @alex_w

 Community Platform Manager

on the team since March 2012


Alex keeps the lights on through liberal use of coffee. He's responsible for making sure the community is in tip-top shape, squashing the bugs (with the help of trusty developers) and constantly looking for ways to improve the community with new features or design tweaks. When not being a giffgaffer, Alex is a frustrated cricketer, motorcyclist, gamer (board and console/PC), Formula 1 junkie, and (relatively) new dad. He also racks up the miles with a 130 mile round-trip commuting 4 days a week.



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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 26/07/2018 | 18:12

@giffgaff-team thanks for this.


This update was long overdue

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by: jesi23
on: 26/07/2018 | 18:13


Welcome all! Nice to see an up-to-date Thread (the old thread was no longer fit for purpose!)



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by: natty_noo
on: 26/07/2018 | 19:37

By putting 'giffgaffer since' on all the profiles, it's making it look like the WFH eds have been staff members for a lot longer than they actually have.

Surely there should be 2 dates for them, one when they joined as customers, and one when they started working as educators?

Otherwise it's a bit misleading to new customers.
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by: t_will
community giff-staffer

on: 26/07/2018 | 19:41

@natty_noo wrote:


By putting 'giffgaffer since' on all the profiles, it's making it look like the WFH eds have been staff members for a lot longer than they actually have.

Surely there should be 2 dates for them, one when they joined as customers, and one when they started working as educators?

Otherwise it's a bit misleading to new customers.

Good call, that was in my draft but ended up not making it into this when I reformatted it - I think I lost a table row! On it.

giffgaff community bloke
I'll be away on a break after the 20th until July 1st. If you need something while I'm away, ask an Educator you know or hit me up next month.
You can send me a message and we'll get rolling. Need a topic? Try here.
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by: the_islander
on: 26/07/2018 | 20:38
Fantastic to put a title to the name/face, I've been here so long I've no idea who the staff are these days and who's involved in what area of the community. This thread will certainly help sign post me in the right direction when I have a query or I need to @ mention in regards to anything.

Cheers for the heads up!
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by: smiffyds
on: 27/07/2018 | 08:26
Thanks,nice to get to know the team
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by: bobrobinson
on: 27/07/2018 | 09:39


Good morning guys Smiley Happy

Great update on you lovely guys its a lot better now .

Well done and keep up the great work you are all doing.

Take care 

BobSmiley Happy

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by: doricom
on: 27/07/2018 | 12:54

Thanks, nice to know the team.

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by: jammydodge
on: 27/07/2018 | 13:08

Loving the new remodelled thread @giffgaff-team!


So much easier for members to put a friendly face to a name. I know a lot of work has gone into drafting multiple versions of this so well done! Very clean and easy to understand.




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