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Member name change - trial

Started by: shivanshuit914
On: 24/01/2018 | 13:15
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by: nmpretzel
on: 23/07/2019 | 19:35
I'd love to be able to change my member name. For some reason I've now forgotten, I had to rejoin, so my original member name wasn't available, for obvious reasons, but this is the only account I use just my initials and surname. I'd much prefer either to go back to my name and surname or an alias, given the choice. I've finally settled on an alias that, so far, has never been taken on any sites I've tried it on. I'm a drummer and tinkered with variations of Stygian (meaning concerning the river Styx or dark), or Charon (the boatman who ferried the dead across the Styx), but these were usually taken, so I eventually opted for another pun: Saint Nine. Saint is often abbreviated to St and nine in roman numerals is ix, giving Stix (groan). I quite like Saint Nine, but that's all beside the point. Well done for implementing this and I would be very happy if you implemented the ability to change user name at any point. Thanks
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by: harrrrrry
on: 24/07/2019 | 10:38



If the "problem" with your previous account was only that you did not use it for 6 months ... then I'm sure others have found that it's possible to revive such an account by activating a new sim on the account. However, if giffgaff has intentionally closed your account that may not be possible.


So, first, check to see if you can still log in to the old account. You may need to do a lost password reset if you don't remember the password you last used on the account, in which case:

  • go to which should be possible provided you have access to the email address that you used to set up the account
  • choose the option to be notified by email and enter the username you want to check
  • use the link to reset the password

If you can now long in to the old account:


  • obtain an unactivated giffgaff sim, either free at or for about a pound at a supermarket or argos
  • log in to the old account and try to activate the sim. Do not set up a new account and do not switch to your newer account
  • for the activation to work, you'll need to buy either £10 of credit or a £6+ goodybag
  • you won't be able to transfer the phone number, credit or goodybags from the newer account, so you may want to wait until the credit on that account is low before activating a sim on the old account


Get a free giffgaff Sim

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by: blued99
on: 10/08/2019 | 17:33
I wasn’t ever given the option to change it on first login using the app and now I can’t change it to something easier to remember. Doesn’t show anywhere how to change name and I hate my username
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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 11/08/2019 | 13:16

@roxy_r  @t_will  @alex_w 


as the new platform can be customised to giffgaffs needs can the member name change be implemented in full for new a existing members in the new platform?

Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: scottliddle25126585
on: 11/08/2019 | 14:26



I asked the same question Shabaz. But it is not possible I am afraid. 😔😔😔


You can register a new sim to a new account, but it will not be possible to transfer your goodybags or credit to it.


  • if you use this method, you would probably want to run down your credit balance first and then do it near the end of your goodybag month
  • make sure you turn off recurring goodybags on the old account too
  • the new sim will have a new phone number and it's not possible to transfer phone numbers directly between giffgaff accounts

If you also need to keep your phone number, you will need to do that by an indirectprocess which will take several working days:


  • get a non-giffgaff PAYG sim and activate it (choose one that can be activated for low cost and has no ongoing committment)
  • using the old giffgaff sim, text PAC to 65075
  • give the PAC to the other network and wait until it has been working there for at least a day (but optionally keep it working there until you've used most of their credit)
  • using the other network's sim, text PAC to 65075
  • give the new PAC to giffgaff to bring your number back


God bless.

kind regards, 



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by: t_will
community giff-staffer

on: 12/08/2019 | 17:43

@shabazmoqsud wrote:

@roxy_r  @t_will  @alex_w 


as the new platform can be customised to giffgaffs needs can the member name change be implemented in full for new a existing members in the new platform?

It's a really good question, and it'll definitely be a step towards it, but it's not the only thing that needs to be in place for that to happen from what I remember. Member names are shared both across the community platform and the main site, so development needs to be done on both before this feature can be implemented fully. However, moving to a community platform we can fully customise ourselves makes it a lot closer to reality than it was before, yes Smiley Happy

giffgaff community staffer - let me know if you want to chat about anything.
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