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Merry Christmas from giffgaff

Started by: zobia22
On: 25/12/2013 | 09:02
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by: zobia22
former giff-staffer

on: 25/12/2013 | 09:02

Hi all,


Merry Christmas to you all from giffgaff. We hope you all have a lovely day whether you are celebrating the festive season or just enjoying time off. We hope it's a memorable one Smiley Happy 





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by: philiplittle40
on: 25/12/2013 | 09:04
And a very Merry Christmas to all of you, especially if on shift!
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by: niguel
on: 25/12/2013 | 09:06
Merry Christmas to everyone on giffgaff !!!!
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by: mark_h_
former giff-staffer

on: 25/12/2013 | 09:07

Merry Christmas everyone! Smiley Happy

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by: pickman
on: 25/12/2013 | 09:08
Happy Christmas everyone
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by: harry58
on: 25/12/2013 | 09:08

Thank you and a merry Christmas to all a gg have a great day Smiley Happy

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by: ma2013
on: 25/12/2013 | 09:09
Merry Christmas everyone. Have a good one! :-)
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by: shortylumber
on: 25/12/2013 | 09:10
happy christmas all Smiley Happy
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by: 1hale
on: 25/12/2013 | 09:13
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by: nerakb
on: 25/12/2013 | 09:14

Merry Christmas everyone.Hope you all have a great day whatever you're doing.Stay safe.

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