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Minor change to non mobile 07 number pricing

Started by: will23
On: 04/03/2015 | 10:46
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by: ian011
on: 23/04/2015 | 11:06

Six weeks later...


Is there an update to these details?


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by: greenfrogman
on: 27/04/2015 | 03:12



you have to contact giffgaff directly


i could see this been an issue as now anyone who rings from giffgaff to your network will cost giffgaff customers thats if they have credit if they are running off goodybag only then call with fail to connect (fail to connect beep tone) text will fail as well


it looks like you're a SIP network mobile provider (three as your main network connection) cant see why this is an issue as you are a mobile provider still


generally giffgaff only put network phone blocks into a cost bracket, if its costing them to much to connect the call (your asking to much for the connection and per second rate) or it's been used to bypass international charges (which i find silly as they can just use Skype)

Please mark the correct answer so users can find them later on

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by: ian011
on: 27/04/2015 | 08:33 edited: 27/04/2015 | 10:56

@jfh wrote:
Whose are these numbers at 20p a minute??

These are numbers in the mobile services (071 to 075 and 077 to 079) range of numbers which have high termination rates and which therefore cannot be inclusive in call allowances. For the period April 2014 to April 2015, Ofcom has capped mobile termination rates at 0.84p per minute but currently this applies only to the major networks. Other providers are required to charge 'fair and reasonable rates' for call termination.


These numbers are used for a variety of purposes. Some are used by international dial-through providers. Others are used by various other interactive and automated systems. These termination rates can be up to 15p per minute. Some ranges are used by very small mobile networks who keep the cost of calling out from their network down by subsidising their costs from the high termination fees gained on incoming calls.


Another set of non-inclusive mobile numbers exists: those in Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man. They also have slightly higher than usual termination rates and are outside of Ofcom's control. Numbers starting 070 and 076 are not mobile numbers. They also have high termination rates such that callers, not users, fund the provision of the service. Ofcom will review 055, 056, 070 and 076 usage and pricing in the next year or so.


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by: adriantownsend
on: 14/07/2015 | 12:42

Ofcom have now abandoned that "Fair and Reasonable" test, presumably because it was being abused. They have now imposed a universal cap on MTR.


The Ofcom ruling can be found at


The relevant statement is in para 1.9.3.


This begs the question why Giff Gaff still exclude such a long list of numbers from the Goodybag call allowance. This should only apply to the anomalous numbers of which there is a much smaller list - Channel Island and IOM numbers, as well as the 070 personal numbers. Ofcom dropped the ball on this latter in particular but I understand that they are trying to rectify it.

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by: ma2013
on: 14/07/2015 | 22:23
Thanks for letting us know! ☺📱😊
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