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More bang for your buck with our new goodybags...

Started by: vespaash2
On: 13/02/2017 | 14:28
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by: vespaash2
handy giff-staffer

on: 13/02/2017 | 14:28 edited: 27/09/2017 | 09:34

PLEASE NOTE: This is a thread from February 2017, and will no longer be an accurate description of giffgaff's goodybags from October 4th 2017. You can read more about what's coming by clicking here. For our current goodybags, please take a look at our main goodybags page.

Hi all


I’m excited to share with you some goodybag improvements.  The current range, we launched back in Sept 2015, has served us all well but we think it’s time for an early spring refresh.


The big story is we are adding more data, a lot more.  We’ve noticed your data usage habits have been increasing so we wanted to give you more of what you need.  There’s also more minutes coming for you keen callers.  And the good news is we are adding more at no extra cost.


Here’s what we have lined-up ready for launch on Wednesday 22nd Feb:


new gb table.JPG

 *Traffic Flow applies to the £20 goodybag. Speed restrictions apply to our Always On data after 6GB of data usage.


In summary, we are merging the £10 offer goodybag and the original £10 goodybag to make one goodybag that's got the best of both minutes and data. 


We’re also bumping up allowances on other goodybags as well – all at no extra cost.  For those of you who need even more data we’ve increased the data allowance at £12 by 1GB to 3GB, as well as adding an extra 250 minutes to give you 750 minutes.  At £15 we’ve also added another 1GB taking it to a 5GB allowance. 


£7.50 sees an increase of 250MB to 750MB and finally at £5 we are adding 25 minutes.


We’re emailing everyone on affected goodybags the good news. If you recur your goodybag or have one queued you don’t have to do anything as we’ll make the change for you when your current goodybag expires on or after the 23rd Feb.


So roll-on the launch day of Wednesday 22nd Feb.  Until then thank you for all your ideas and feedback.


Ash Schofield

Chief Marketing Officer


giffgaff CEO and gaffer
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by: samtut
on: 13/02/2017 | 14:48
Love new goody bags 100% thanks
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by: bill48er
on: 13/02/2017 | 14:48

Hi @vespaash2


Thank you for the update.

Was watching TV last night - very unusual for me - and saw several ad's for O2 and BT and was thinking that giffgaff were now falling behind in what was excellent value for money.

So although the chances will be welcome to many members, I'm afraid that more work is done to maintain the competitive edge.

This is particularly true of Pay-as-you-go pricing.

And unless their is another announcement due again soon, it looks like the gigbags have been over looked again.

Quote: The big story is we are adding more data, a lot more.  We’ve noticed your data usage habits have been increasing so we wanted to give you more of what you need.

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by: brulaw
on: 13/02/2017 | 15:03



Thanks for the good news  , I've been on the £10 goodybag  for a number of years , it's been the ideal mix for me even though I never  use up all of the minutes / data  so the new mix is  a bonus  for me , as in ...... it's nice to know it's there if I need it . 

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by: pscotty21
on: 13/02/2017 | 15:11 edited: 13/02/2017 | 15:12

Loving the look of the new goodybags, Thanks for the information! @vespaash2

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by: wilja
on: 13/02/2017 | 15:22

Definitely a welcome change, I like it giffgaff 

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by: farnis
on: 13/02/2017 | 15:56
A much needed change to come up to what the other providers are offering. giffgaff were really lagging in the mobile offerings!!
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by: django21
on: 13/02/2017 | 15:57
Good news indeed
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by: exmember-2018-4735772
on: 13/02/2017 | 16:23 edited: 13/02/2017 | 16:42

so, why no change at the top end?


what about any changes to gigabags?


gg eds have already announced in a previous thread, gg have procured more bandwidth for everyone for 2017



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by: carlryds
on: 13/02/2017 | 16:26

 Very nice changes. Good to see the £10 offer goodybag is staying around and nice changes to all the other bags aswell!


I'm on the £10 offer one, but some months I do run out of data and some I get close to.
I think I'll change to the £12 goodybag, now it has more data.


Nice job giffgaff!

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