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More bang for your buck with our new goodybags...

Started by: vespaash2
On: 13/02/2017 | 14:28
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by: clever007
on: 07/09/2017 | 07:31

well done great post @vespaash2 Smiley Happy

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by: ctidy
on: 26/09/2017 | 11:00
Ah I didn't realise this was why and how I was using up credit! I always assumed voicemail was part of the allowance. That is annoying, I always use my additional credit when abroad. And couldn't work out why it had disappeared when I thought I had around £7 left
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by: skayeh2008
on: 26/09/2017 | 11:39

Well done Giffgaff!  That's more like it. 

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