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More minutes and data on £5 and £7.50 goodybags

Started by: vespaash2
On: 28/04/2015 | 15:09
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by: cj_9
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:01

As a £7.50 Goodybag buyer this has made my day! since I tend to use most of the 250 mb  (just when out and about) since I do most things over wifi, and I guess I'm not the only person in this position, I bet most of the £7.50 users won't go above 300 mb anyway!

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by: nadia_atmouni
on: 29/04/2015 | 23:26
Yippee!! Great news as i always run out of data &colonSmiley Wink
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by: peterianb
on: 29/04/2015 | 23:46
Very good just got very better.
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by: amg_x
on: 30/04/2015 | 00:42
That's great news, I will be putting my mum on the 5 bag now
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by: n1emo
on: 30/04/2015 | 03:11
Great news! Thanks a lot giffgaff team!
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by: talkingseds
on: 30/04/2015 | 08:30
I'm so happy, I feel like crying.
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by: hamid_iqbal
on: 30/04/2015 | 08:40
Ive just joined GiffGaff and i think its a brilliant network.More data and minutes will be greatly appreciated....
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by: connery007
on: 30/04/2015 | 09:28
I've just brought my goody bag forward because I was running out of data. Will I still get the new goody bag data upgrade from the 6th May 2015 on the £7.50 goody bag.
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by: gordie10
on: 30/04/2015 | 10:02 edited: 30/04/2015 | 10:03

@connery007 wrote:
Will I still get the new goody bag data upgrade from the 6th May 2015 on the £7.50 goody bag.

You will indeed. Smiley Happy


The new allowances will be applied to your goodybag next Wednesday (May 6th), minus what you've already used.


So you'll have started off with 200 minutes and 250MB as normal. Then, say you've used 20 minutes and 50MB in this first week of your goodybag; well when the extra minutes and data are added next Wednesday, your remaining allowance would go from 180 minutes and 200MB, up to 230 minutes and 450MB on that day - i.e. the extra minutes and data in the new allowances, minus what you've already used.

Hope that makes sense! Smiley Happy

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by: akamonobrow
on: 30/04/2015 | 10:08

That £7.50 goodybag looks really good value. It was good before, but extra data is always welcome Smiley Happy 

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