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New Sponsorship of a brand new show...

Started by: rayellea
On: 30/08/2018 | 12:34
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by: claire1uk
on: 19/09/2018 | 16:31



Good thing to pull in the prospective younger members, who I believe will be the ones interested in this sort of programme. 

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by: rbanks
on: 19/09/2018 | 23:31
@rayellea good luck with the sponsorship. I can't see me watching the program though
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by: giffin
on: 20/09/2018 | 11:17


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by: suzisuz
on: 24/09/2018 | 10:46
By watching The Big Bang Theory on E4 kinda made me want to be a giffgaffer, so I moved from Virgin to giffgaff, it was the best move ever, and i still watch Sheldon.

Thank you all at gg all the very best in the future xx
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by: suzydod
on: 12/10/2018 | 19:00
Fantastic news

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by: pthapa25
on: 30/01/2019 | 09:34

i for one am tempted to switch to another network

right now, various other networks are offering far greater deals compared to giffgaff..


i think the money spent on tv advertising could be put to better use - by making goodybags more competitive.. this itself would pull more customers in .. i feel giffgaff already has enough brand exposure.. certainly a lot more than say about 3 years ago..


also, i did think it was a good idea for giffgaff to sponsor voice on itv; but that should have been it..

or if tv advertising is a must; giffgaff are far better off just buying 30 seconds ad slots on particular channels that run throughout the day.. highlighting giffgaff's best aspects such as 'no contract', 'flexible goodybags', etc 





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