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New bi-monthly meeting: goodybag review

Started by: timo_t
On: 10/02/2014 | 09:44
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by: timo_t
former giff-staffer

on: 10/02/2014 | 09:44 edited: 10/02/2014 | 11:40

Hey there giffgaffers.

This is just a quick note to let you know that we have just run our first goodybag review session between the community team and Mark, who looks after giffgaff's goodybag offers as Product Manager. We'll be running this session every two months from here on out. This process was inspired by this Idea by solid247 and our desire to get your goodybag feedback to the right person and share the results back to you. 
We decided to go down a slightly different path than originally conceived. We did this because in order for us to have an honest conversation about goodybags and member ideas around goodybags, we need to be able to freely discuss issues that are commercially sensitive, directly compare ourselves to competitors and talk about future plans that are still confidential. We also need to be able discuss financial implications and member numbers. As I hope you can understand, having the same conversation in public is unfortunately not something we can do without it becoming quite vague and lot less productive. 
We will, however, share the results of this goodybag conversation and tell you which Ideas made it into the meeting so you can talk about them and share your feedback here. 
Since this is going to be a regular session, I should be able to give you about a week or two of notice about which goodybag Ideas are currently on track to go into the meeting for some last minute feedback and discussion. For this first session, we based the conversation on the votes and feedback on the Ideas themselves. You can also always comment on goodybag Ideas on the Ideas board directly and I recommend you do so on any goodybag Ideas you feel strongly about.
To make a long story short (too late), here are the goodybag Ideas that we discussed in the meeting and the results of those conversations:
A goodybag primarily for texts and voice, without data
We feel that our current offering across the range is competitive and with the included free giffgaff to giffgaff calls, the minutes allowance is actually higher than it may seem initially. Data is also something that is becoming more and more important in the industry, so to remove it entirely for a few additional minutes doesn't make sense in the market right now. 
Unlimited data at a lower price point
This is a tricky one as I can fully understand why people would want unlimited data at a lower price point. The long and short of it is that this is not something we can offer. There are two main reasons: the cost of data to us as a business and giving unlimited data at such a low price point would make us very attractive to the people most likely to abuse unlimited data which in turn would require us to create stricter policies against data usage or even, ugh, limit people's data speeds. This idea and any future ones around data will need to be carefully considered when it comes to cost and data management to ensure we give the best possible experience to everyone on giffgaff. Expect to see some more questions and discussion around data as we get closer to 4G.
International goodybag & Include international minutes in existing goodybags
Since these Ideas were originally suggested, there have been some significant changes in the market and we've gotten more involved in international minutes/costs. Our current offering is competitive in the market as it stands right now and we've been pleased to see a good response from especially our international student base. To include international minutes in a goodybag (or launching a brand new one) gets a bit tricky. The prices of calls to international destinations can fluctuate pretty wildly. Adjusting the cost against credit is relatively easy for us to do but adjusting against a goodybag would be a lot more complicated, slow and financially risky. For example, if a price of a call is at 8p at the beginning of the month, but jumps to 20p half-way through, we would be operating at a 12p loss for every minute until we could roll out a new goodybag change. 
We could potentially look into including a few more 'stable' international locations into goodybags, but this needs further investigation in relation to cost and effort required. Right now, we'll be sticking with the current system but we'll investigate this as an option.
Deleting a goodybag
 This idea, and similar ones around editing/re-buying/deleting goodybags is a consistent one that keeps cropping up. More flexibility is always a good thing. This core idea is something we are seriously investigating in 2014: once we have more details, we'll be sure to share it with you all. 
Buy a goodybag and credit via text
This, as well as a few other interactions via text are on the radar of Member experience for 2014. There needs to be a few more discussions and prioritisation sessions to figure out which projects make the top of the pile, but this Idea is a contender. We'll let you know if it makes the cut in its current form.
Thanks for reading and I hope you found this useful. Please let us know in the comments what you think about these goodybag Ideas and remember to visit the Ideas board to vote on or suggest goodybags you'd like to see discussed in the next meeting in April.
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by: aaronjlaw
on: 10/02/2014 | 12:02
I like the deleting a goodybag idea as many members seem to want this. I understand about the unlimited data issues too.

I look forward to these discussions.
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by: samwich
on: 10/02/2014 | 12:05
I'm looking forward to the 4G goodybag conclusions.

As far as I can see, there are only two options:

Same price goodybags, with "limited" data, or;

Increased price goodybags, with "unlimited" data.

I will be interesting to see which it'll be?

Great thread, by the way. Smiley Happy
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by: cim
on: 10/02/2014 | 12:05

Good communications thanks.


And good to read that deleting a goodybag is still on the radar, it seems to make commercial sense as it allows the user to buy more product when they need it plus reassurance for those who might occasionally get caught out and being forced to use PAYG otherwise.

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by: tim1974
on: 10/02/2014 | 12:09

Surprised to not see a holiday europe goodybag on the list.

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by: ma2013
on: 10/02/2014 | 12:09

This is great news, I'm glad you are constantly reviewing your Goodybag offerings, giffgaff really do need to remain competitive in the fast changing mobile market. For the moment, you are doing well and in the lead (even taking into account Ovivo, which I use as a backup SIM, and Virgin Mobile's unlimited plan). Looking forward to hearing more! Smiley Happy


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by: charlesn
on: 10/02/2014 | 12:13
Your ideas above are all sound and implementing them in the future will please many users.

I would like to see 2 things added to the list ..

1) the ability to purchase a roaming goody / giga bag. This could be limited to any 3 weeks per year per user account so long as it was purchased prior to departure from the UK.

2) this one is more important I feel .. The ability to automatically purchase a goody / giga bag from ones credit . I know you can do it manually each month but some people have large credit balances caused by helping out others and would like automation to be possible.

Hopefully these two ideas can be added into the list sometime (soon) in the future.


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by: bonusball
on: 10/02/2014 | 12:15
I think it would be great to buy a goodybag via a text and I'm sure lots of members will agree.

I like the idea of deleting a goodybag, having to use credit for calls data messages can be expensive, but on the other hand if you buy a bigger goodybag to start with then it will work out cheaper in the long run


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by: stevepritchard
on: 10/02/2014 | 12:16

I think that all sounds pretty sensible.


For me, I think the ability to end a GoodyBag early is something that could be very interesting. Especially if the auto-recurring purchase can be maintained associated with expiry of one or more of the elements of the bag or the 30 day period.


For instance, some people might want to re-purchase if they run out of minutes, but not data, or vice versa - could this be catered for?


The ability to recurr the £10 GoodyBag once the data has run out could potentially satisfy the needs of the occasional tetherer, and the ability to renew the GigaBags when they have run out of data would prevent sim swapping for higher usage scenarios.

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