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New look statement - round two

Started by: clairekav
On: 04/03/2011 | 18:03
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by: clairekav
on: 04/03/2011 | 18:03 edited: 10/03/2011 | 15:49

Thank you for all your comments regarding the first new look statement, we’ve added and tweaked a few things for this round.


Just finishing off final testing - was hoping to send it out today, however you'll receive it Monday morning. 


One quick note about the data we’ve used for this statement – due to the way that we collect data it hasn’t been possible to align your text/call usage with the mobile internet usage period – once we start charging for mobile internet we’ll be able to align the dates. It’s not ideal – however, hopefully you’ll agree giving you the latest available is better than giving you “older” call/text information.


  • Calls/ Texts: We’ve tallied your usage between 01/02/11 and 28/02/11 – taking a look at your calls and texts over a month period (28 days total)
  • Mobile internet usage: Information has been tallied over a 30 day period between 21/01/11 and 19/02/11 (30 days total)

To get an idea of what February’s summary looks like check this example (it’s dummy data).

Note to receive the statement you need to be opted in to receiving Marketing Messages – if you weren’t opted in you’ll have to wait till next months when we send our next one.


If you were opted-in and can't find your email - firstly check your inbox from "", possibly hiding in your spam folder. Please check the following "Haven't received email" FAQ for steps to your statement, so you'll receive the next one. 



Quick guide to the new statement:

Your new personalised statement will give you a quick snapshot of your recent usage and points – here’s how it breaks down:


1) Savings:

We’ve calculated savings based on our standard rates minutes @ 8p per minute and texts @ 4p.


  • Giffgaff to giffgaff: A tally of all the calls and texts you made to someone else who was also on giffgaff This is looking at all your calls/texts to free numbers (provided you’ve topped up at least once within the past 3 months)
  • Free call numbers: 0800/0808/0500 numbers are free to call from giffgaff phones, calculated minutes called
  • Twitter text updates: texts to 86444 are free, any updates you send/receive are free (guide) calculated total texts
  • Facebook updates: texts to 32665 are free, any updates you send/receive are free (guide) calculated total texts
  • Total calculated savings: A total of the above, tallying total calls (@8p/min) and texts (@4p)

2) Recommended Plan:

The information includes all UK non-giffgaff mobiles and landlines that you’ve called (excludes things like premium numbers, international calls etc).  Note if your friend transferred /ported their number in during this time they’ll be included in the ‘non giffgaff’ tally.


We’ve calculated recommended plan based on our standard rates minutes @ 8p per minute and texts @ 4p and data pricing at up to 20p for up to 20MB (charged at 20p/MB) per day (then 20p/MB if you exceed 20MB in one day)


Minutes/Texts usage calculated between 1Feb – 28Feb

  • Minutes: total of minutes called to non giffgaff mobiles and landlines
  • Texts: total of texts to non giffgaff mobiles

Mobile data usage calculated between 21 Jan – 19 Feb

  • Total MB used: This is the total megabytes you’ve used
  • Total Days: This is a total of the number of days you’ve used mobile internet
  • Days you’ve used over 20MB: I’ve included this as if you weren’t on a goodybag with unlimited mobile internet included, you’d have exceeded the 20MB threshold and would have been charged at 20p/MB
  • Cost if not on a goodybag that inc unlimited mobile internet from 1Apr: If you’re not on a goodybag that includes mobile internet, from 1st April this gives you an idea of the cost of mobile internet given your recent usage

This is a little more complicated this month as from the 1st April 2011 we’ll be starting to charge for mobile internet usage if you’re not on a goodybag.


So, I’ve included two recommended plans – just in case it makes a difference to the plan you’re on at the moment.

  • Until 1st April: This takes into account that mobile internet is free until 1st April – looking at your recent usage, we’ve used the below table to work out your best plan.
  • From 1st April:  Once we start charging for mobile internet usage for those that aren’t on a £10+ goodybag, this would be your recommended plan given your recent usage.

For simplicity we’ve excluded the ‘Labs’ bags from our recommendations. Also if you're a VIG, your usage is calculated as if you were a regular member.

 i.e if your calls tallied between 62-250 minutes we would have recommend the £10 goodybag

Max minutes

Max texts

Recommended goodybag

< 62

< 125


< 62

> 125


> 62



> 250



> 360



> 660




*PAYG = Pay As You Go, our basic rates, 8p per minute and 4p per text (ie not on a goodybag)


3) Top called/texted

 We’ve tallied your 5 top called/ texted “non giffgaff numbers”  and displayed the total minutes for each.

We’ve calculated recommended plan based on our standard rates minutes @ 8p per minute and texts @ 4p to create the “if they were on giffgaff you could save £x” figure.  

Note, again if your friend has transferred their number to giffgaff between the tally period, they’ll appear on this list – but they’ll appear in the ‘giffgaff to giffgaff’ savings next month.

This is a cheeky way to work out who you might want to send a giffgaff friend SIM to?!


4) Points:

Nothing has changed here, we’ve added the community ‘Band’ last month, making it easier to see where you fell this month - Robbie updates the ‘Monthly Payback Points’ post with what each Band receives.

This points period started 1st December and runs till the end of May. The total points are a tally of points earned between 1st December and 28th February. Any points earned in March will appear in next months statement (sent on or around the 5th of each month)

If you have any questions about Payback, please see this guide.


Note: On your "Account" information section - this information was correct as at 2nd March, if you've made changes - ie purchased a goodybag, transferred your number in etc - this wouldn't be reflected on this months statement. 



As always – we love collecting feedback as to improvements/ changes etc, let us know what you think.


Cheers! Claire + Geoff

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by: andreww
on: 04/03/2011 | 18:07 edited: 04/03/2011 | 18:08

Wow, not had mine yet but that sounds GREAT! Smiley Very Happy Thanks Claire!


The data analysis will be particularly helpful for me!!!

Missing in Action (last seen in the pub) Smiley Very Happy
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by: msteer
on: 04/03/2011 | 18:16
Does sound very good! Will check my email later to check if I have recieved it Smiley Happy
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by: aks782
on: 04/03/2011 | 18:16
Tonight or Monday, cool! I was becoming an anxious bunny! Smiley Tongue

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by: brulaw
on: 04/03/2011 | 18:18 edited: 04/03/2011 | 18:19

Thanks  for the update , Not recieved mine yet , but had a peek at the mock up looks really good . Smiley Happy

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by: danciel
on: 04/03/2011 | 19:08
Final round - fight!

Is the statement still available next month if I opt in now?

I need a fresh link >:
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by: prettypauls
on: 04/03/2011 | 19:18
Saw my other halfs one, quite impressed, can't say i've ever seen a non contract mobile bill before

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by: clairekav
on: 04/03/2011 | 19:55

Righto folks after a lot of messing around - I've finally ironed out the bug that was preventing the email statement from running through.


So: As 8pm on a Friday night isn't a good time to be sending communications as there isn't anyone left in the office to "man the phones" as it were - I'll send February's statement on Monday morning instead....


Sorry - better late than never Smiley Happy


Have a good weekend all, 



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by: ouaisne
on: 04/03/2011 | 20:57

Looking at the example it does look very impressive. One thing that might have looked better in the example is the 'Cost if not on goodybag' which reads 'more than £500'. I think that some people might take this literally and start panicking as on the example figures the cost would be little more than £32.


Also the way gg are quoting their data is not logical. How many stores would advertise 20 bags of sugar cost £20 but you can buy them individually. People just see the headline figure of £20 and run. Same with these data costs. People see 20p per 20Mb and will not understand. How much data can I get for my 2p worth? Smiley Happy


Anyway will look forward to my statement on Monday. Have a nice weekend.

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by: mikey22
on: 04/03/2011 | 21:37

Looks really good should be very helpful. Thanks bet you had to put quite a bit of time into this! Smiley Happy

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