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Started by: clairekav
On: 06/06/2010 | 16:02
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by: yaakov
on: 23/12/2010 | 15:43


Thanks for this

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by: zafdon
on: 28/12/2010 | 18:46

how do i check my balance on my phone?

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by: nnj10
on: 28/12/2010 | 18:47


@zafdon wrote:

how do i check my balance on my phone?


*100# for airtime credit balance

*100*7# for goodybag balance

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by: lordofangels
on: 28/12/2010 | 18:48

@zafdon wrote:

how do i check my balance on my phone?

Dial  *100#   then send


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by: pmsouthyorks
on: 08/01/2011 | 00:02

 scroll down your phonebook, there should be a " gg get balance" entry stored on your SIM - there is on mine

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by: clairekav
former giff-staffer

on: 13/01/2011 | 09:31

Just popping this question into the help section so it can be seen and answered by one of our members

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by: paultomasi
on: 21/01/2011 | 13:34

In other words, basically, you entice people to GG and then you charge just like EVERY other operator has throughout the history of telecommunications.


You're a business and at the end of the day, you want to screw us like everyone else does!



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by: clairekav
former giff-staffer

on: 21/01/2011 | 14:07


Hi Paultomasi,


This post is for Newbie FAQs - if you have a particular problem or question, please pop it in "Help" - this is where most members hang out and you'll quickly get an answer back.


At giffgaff, we offer members great value pricing - see our pricing comparison chart on the pricing page. We believe we are different from other operators  -  we're a small team, all human at the end of the day - we each pride ourselves on trying to create a great experience for our members, being open and honest and accountable.


Take the time to have a look around the community, feel free to add to other discussions on the Contribution board.



Note: I'm going to close this thread off now, as this is intended to be a FAQ for newbies, any responses in here get a bit lost. 



If you need help: pop a post in Help - members can help you with any queries you might have

Private questions (ie anything relating to information you won't want to publish on the web, like your credit card details), please pop a question through to go to an Agent 


For general discussions about giffgaff, improvement suggestions etc, head to the Contribution board.


Regards, Claire

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