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November 2018 Payback Calculations

Started by: alex_w
On: 29/11/2018 | 17:00
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by: sophiejam92
on: 07/12/2018 | 22:00
Is payout the 17th
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by: gloriousiam
on: 07/12/2018 | 22:02

Received... Thanks... 

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by: 7whales
on: 08/12/2018 | 05:08 edited: 08/12/2018 | 05:11

Most of us have already seen the current PB for November added to our GG accounts, so weller doner, @alex_w, you've once again pressed the right buttons to add that which is entirely addable, even though those pesky confirmational emails seem to again be laterly arriving, at least in my email boxation, but I've gotten used to the not-arrivals, since I haven't received the confirmational emails for each month from July to presentlier either.


Might be a gooder time about now to remind the many newerbies and even some of us oldersters too, that even if you've chosen to receive Cash to your Paypal account in the past go-rounds, you still must still RE-REGISTER each and every six months to be sure to get the PB to PP, thus avoiding the mishmashed mixup that so many members encountered on a recently past PB period.


Hope you've had a superfine longish 4 dayerawayer, @alex_w, and now have arrived overstrengthenedly readified to continue pouring the coffee (double-double, please) in ever widening arenas on GG. Guessing you must now be using a muchly largerated coffee urnage, so please be careful carefully pouring outage the contents.


Gooder to the very last droppage, even with PIZZA. (Okay, iced coffee for me in that caseage.)



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