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November 2018 Payback Calculations

Started by: alex_w
On: 29/11/2018 | 17:00
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by: alex_w
community giff-staffer

on: 29/11/2018 | 17:00 edited: 07/12/2018 | 13:13

Hi all,


Ho ho ... no, not yet. But it is time for the November Payback thread to make it's appearance. Slightly early, as I'll be away on holiday for a 4 day weekend (which means we'll be getting started with processing on Tuesday 4th December). We'll then push through the processing as quickly as we can to meet our target dates for Payback payouts. Have a great weekend all, and see (in words) you next week.


So, moving on to the nitty gritty of calculating community payback. Current status is listed below, and I'll provide updates as we tick items off.


November 2018 Payback Calculation Task List:

- Community data used for Basic Community Payback download. [Complete - 4th Dec]

- Labs data used for Enhanced Labs Payback download. [Complete - 4th Dec]

- Help & Support data used for Enhanced Help Payback download. [Complete - 4th Dec]

- Threads data used for Enhanced Content Payback download. [Complete - 4th Dec]

- Community files sent off for calculation. [Complete - 4th Dec]

- Community Payback Calculation. [Complete - 5th Dec]

- Community Payback calculations signed off. [Complete - 5th Dec]

- Other Payback points sources calculated and signed off. [Complete - 5th Dec]

- Points Statement drafted. [In progress]

- Final points results sent for upload to [Complete - 5th Dec]

- Final points results processed on [Complete - 6th Dec]

- Points Statement sent. [Pending]


- [Bonus Round] Payback payouts timings.


November Points Statement Send Date Estimate: Friday, 7th December


Possible [Spanners]: (crossed out have been resolved)




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 [Pending] = not yet started
 [In progress] = somewhere between not started and finished
 [Complete] = all done
 [Automated] = happens automatically
 [Spanners] = dangerous things that make for frowny faces when they appear unexpectedly


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by: kicker
on: 29/11/2018 | 17:26

Thanks for the information and keeping us informed @alex_w .And enjoy your 4 day break . 😊

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by: rajdip2294
on: 29/11/2018 | 17:50
Thank you for update and information. Enjoy your 4 days weekend.
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by: brulaw
on: 29/11/2018 | 18:19 edited: 29/11/2018 | 18:22



Hi Alex , it's good to see the thread up nice and early ...  thank you thumbup.gifHave a nice long weekend  big-grin.gif

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by: frenchielove
on: 29/11/2018 | 18:36

Eww exciting @alex_w have a nice break and be ready to come back with your headache pills 🤗

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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 29/11/2018 | 19:22

Much appreciated for the thread👍and enjoy your time off😉😉


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by: formulaone
on: 29/11/2018 | 20:08

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the thread as usual! Enjoy your break buddy! Smiley Very Happy
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by: dory85
on: 29/11/2018 | 20:22

Thanks for the update enjoy your 4 day break 

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by: roise05
on: 29/11/2018 | 20:26

tenor (1).gif


🎉🎊Thank you @alex_w for sharing.

Happy and enjoy giffgaffing. 😃😃👍👍👍🎉🎊 

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by: nerakb
on: 29/11/2018 | 20:28

Thanks for the update @alex_w


Have a good 4 day weekend. 




(By the way,it's way too early for the "ho ho ho" part-some of us haven't had their birthday yet this year). 

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