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Official giffgaff application in the making

Started by: vincent
On: 23/09/2011 | 11:03
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 23/09/2011 | 11:03 edited: 16/06/2012 | 15:49

Update: on 16-06-2012 15:48

Hi guys, 

The staff member who was creating the official app has left giffgaff so this project has been put on hold. 

In the meantime, the Educators have been working with some of the current apps out there to bring more features to them and quicker communication between staff and apps. 

We'll keep you updated when the project starts up again. 

Kind regards,


Hi all,

As part of the data only bags we have been working on an application that will be pushing notifications on Tablets. We are of course aware that tablets work in a different way than handsets and one of the issues we had is that you can't get notification messages like notifications we now push in the same way as with a phone.

So we're creating an app with the purpose of handling tablet notifications, however by definition that also means we have taken a first step into giffgaff's first official app. Hold on, hold on, don't expect anything fancy now Smiley Happy Although there are already some very cool apps out there we do feel we should at least try to adapt our app to the mobile site (


And we do have some ideas for future releases when we'd ideally like to add some cooler functionality like:

- Your contacts. A feed from your current phone contacts highlighting those that are on giffgaff
- Settings. For those who want to control Roaming on/off or voicemail on/off from the app
- Spread giffgaff for mobile needs. This would allow you to send a SMS to your contacts list inviting them to join giffgaff with your member URL

These are just a few ideas that we've been thinking off but of course we'd love your participation and involvement in the definition of the app. So if you have any ideas on what it should include please comment on this thread or on the ideas board.

By the end of this week we'll be sharing a screenshot or two on the looks of this app, so please be aware you can also make your contributions on look and feel.

Anyway, that's all for now, have a great weekend!





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by: adamf
on: 23/09/2011 | 11:08

Sounds brilliant! I have no knowledge of coding apps but if you need any graphical work doing for the app feel free to ask! Smiley Wink

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by: iceqntrider
on: 23/09/2011 | 11:53
Hi Vincent,
And this app is going to be? Apple, or Blackberry, or android?
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by: wilky
on: 23/09/2011 | 11:56
Yes Vincent me old fruit u missed out platform details lol
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by: djdoogle
on: 23/09/2011 | 12:01

Good news and great idea Vicent, hopefully your will cater for Android first? lol

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by: cinami
on: 23/09/2011 | 12:27

I thinkt the ability to top up and buy goodybags and access the forum should be as standard. Not that I've ever used a tablet device but I'm sure its something those that have them would like. Hopefully this could, in future, be expanded to included other Android devices. 


The ability to link more than one account to the app would be useful. I'm assuming those who use the data bag will also have a giffgaff sim in their phones too. Being able to control both accounts from a single app would be really useful.  

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by: iceqntrider
on: 23/09/2011 | 12:27
Windows Mobile? Smiley Very Happy
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by: suppers_ready
on: 23/09/2011 | 12:43
This is good news. Hopefully it will include itemized list of calls, texts and data like other companies do with their apps as standard.
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by: pellonet
on: 23/09/2011 | 14:56 edited: 23/09/2011 | 14:57

Thanks for this week's teaser, is this the start of another vincent marathon mega-thread?

I am pleased to  hear that there is to be an official gg app but would like to echo the previous queries concerning platform availability.

My biased view is that the Android app should lead the project, don't worry about the iPhone dinosaurs, leave them content in the illusion that they already rule the world.Smiley Surprised plus this is really aimed at tablet users so the second in line of importance should be the Microsoft platforms.

I guess you will have to throw the Blackberry crowd a morsel or two in case they get ratty & start rioting & looting again.Smiley Surprised

October looks to be quite an exciting month for gg with all these events.

Smiley Very Happy


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by: brulaw
on: 23/09/2011 | 16:06

gg app  !  sounds like a great idea ..... looking forward to seeing it . Smiley Happy

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