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Our refreshed out of home creatives - choose giffgaff

Started by: rayellea
On: 01/07/2019 | 14:18
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by: rayellea
handy giff-staffer

on: 01/07/2019 | 14:18

Hi all, Rayelle from the Brand team here!


You may remember earlier this year we launched our choose giffgaff campaign, you may already know the campaign will be running for a year, so we have bursts of media booked throughout. The first launching in early April, and the second launching today! 


Abi, our Head of Advertising here at the gaff posted a super informative announcement with all of the finer details around this campaign, along with examples of the first round of out of home adverts - see here:



It's my pleasure to share the next round of the out of home ads with you, which you will start to see a mix of these popping up around the country as of today! Along with our TV ad, you'll spot our out of home advertisements on billboards, ads on the sides of buses, and trains nationwide plus on the London tubes. These will be live for 2 weeks! Exciting, right?


We took the same approach as last time, putting our members at the forefront of the ads (literally, their faces will be up in lights!) with their reasons for choosing giffgaff. Each member's ad highlights a shining example of why giffgaff is  worth choosing.  Take a look below...

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 14.04.41.pngScreenshot 2019-07-01 at 14.05.29.pngScreenshot 2019-07-01 at 14.05.16.pngScreenshot 2019-07-01 at 14.04.58.png













































































We're so excited to see these in all their glory over the coming weeks, we hope you are too Smiley Happy 




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by: allan1954
on: 01/07/2019 | 14:32
Thanks for sharing this news.
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by: brulaw
on: 01/07/2019 | 14:45 edited: 01/07/2019 | 14:46



Thanks for the info / update , hope the campaign achieves all it's objectives thumbup.gif

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by: sha_shah1
on: 01/07/2019 | 14:58 edited: 01/07/2019 | 15:00


Thanks for information.

All the bestthumbs-up.gif




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by: andrewbergstrom
on: 01/07/2019 | 15:00
Good Afternoon @ rayellea

Sounds good to me well done giffgaff.
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by: ukrun
on: 01/07/2019 | 15:21
Thanks for sharing this news.
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by: harrrrrry
on: 01/07/2019 | 15:32

Saw two "choose your own route" buses near Ponders End Garage today.


I wonder what happens if you get on one and ask the driver to take you to somewhere that's not on the route Smiley Surprised


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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 01/07/2019 | 18:17




A great informative post👍and love the photos of the people🙂

Thank you


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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 01/07/2019 | 20:03

Fantastic @rayellea 

I will be keeping a look out for them and well do to Haydn,Leslie Anne ,Rob, Robin and Grace


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by: leeon1988
on: 01/07/2019 | 21:18
Spotted one of the adverts on the bus today! Smiley Happy
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