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PayPal announcement *updated May 5th*

Started by: steverjames
On: 30/03/2016 | 11:47
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by: das900
on: 31/03/2016 | 21:33
@jokeyboi77 I'm interested in the answer to your query too as I have the same issue.
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 31/03/2016 | 21:39

das900 wrote:

@jokeyboi77 I'm interested in the answer to your query too as I have the same issue.

@das900 @kevgaxx


There'll be a few members in our position who look after more than one account so it's good to clear it up, so it's good news all round for us all. Smiley Happy

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by: brulaw
on: 01/04/2016 | 00:55 edited: 01/04/2016 | 00:56

Just caught up with the thread ,

It's great to see the interaction and  how quickly  the qusetions have had a response    thumbup.gif   ,



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by: cass905
on: 01/04/2016 | 09:06
Fabulous news definitely a benefit to giffgaff
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by: rayhoo
on: 01/04/2016 | 10:22

Great news!


I'm sure many members will be very pleased to see the arrival of this facility and will prove to have been worth all the effort.


Very well done all!

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by: allan1954
on: 01/04/2016 | 10:22
thanks great news but i will be sticking to o2 vouchers.
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by: aronrose
on: 01/04/2016 | 13:43
@steverjames @alex_w

will £5 topups be available now?
Here to help.
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by: navi51
on: 01/04/2016 | 13:49
Lend us a quid Smiley Very Happy like 02
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by: steverjames
former giff-staffer

on: 01/04/2016 | 14:10

@aronrose @alex_w No planned changes in topup denominations with PayPal launch. Its something we need to review seperately.

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