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Please nominate our next giffgaff charity

Started by: vincent
On: 02/11/2010 | 11:49
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by: macphee70
on: 12/04/2011 | 20:13 for MS suffers

but I do really like the idea of helping japan too
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by: ragnorak
on: 14/04/2011 | 18:29

I feel that we should give to a charity outside the UK this time and one that tends to be more overlooked.

I'd like to suggest The Brooke for the amazing work they do in giving medical treatment to over 700,000 overburdened donkeys and horses in some of the world's poorest places, and educating the people who depend on these animals on how to care for them properly.

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by: jamesdn
on: 14/04/2011 | 18:30
Am I being silly or have I missed something, or is this thread about nominating last December's payback charity?
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by: darrenpainter
on: 14/04/2011 | 18:34
No James, you are spot on. There is a separate thread for each payback period, so many of the great suggestions here may well be missed, when the next round arrives
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by: navi51
on: 14/04/2011 | 19:06
Is there no way of archiving out of date threads ?
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by: vincent
on: 18/04/2011 | 09:09
No there isn't really.

However, it does say quite clearly in my first post this thread is for the December payback.

Not that this is really an issue to be honest

Normally we create a new thread each payback period to ensure we end up with different charities during each nomination. And this time it will be no different.

I'll create one now and lock this one to avoid confusion.


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