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Points and Payback Overview

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On: 30/04/2010 | 12:27
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by: clairekav
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Edit 31st May: See this post for Payback timings and process for your Payback ending 31st May 2012 


With Payback time fast approaching – here is a quick overview about points and all things Payback to clarify a few things:


How to get points:

There are two ways to get points:

  • Helping giffgaff grow: getting other people to join giffgaff will earn you points. The quickest way to earn points is to order a SIM, hand it to your friend, once they activate it you’ll get 500 points. Head to Spread the Word  for more info
  • Helping giffgaffers: helping other giffgaffers in the forum will earn you points as well.  There are loads of ways to contribute to the forum.



How to know how many points you have collected:

Payback points are calculated monthly and statements are produced in the first week of every month - which will include all points you've earned from when you activated a SIM up to the end of the previous month (i.e Aprils Statement will include all points up until the 30th April, it will arrive the first week of May).


  • Points Statement:  We send Payback statements to all active members, during the first week of every month (typically on or around the 5th of every month).

Indicative next statement date: 6th September, 5th October, 5th November, 6th December, 6th January


To receive the points statement email, you need to have opted into receiving marketing emails from giffgaff

Change your opt-in settings: (My giffgaff > My Details > Contact permissions > Tick in box ‘Give me info and offers about giffgaff’)


We also send the total Payback amount via SMS and Newsfeed.




  • My giffgaff display:  In my giffgaff, you'll see a Payback widget – this gives you your total number of points which is cumulated since the beginning of the payback period.


Keeping track of your points:


  • Send a SIM activation: During the month, if your friend activates a SIM you’ve given them you’ll receive an email confirming they’ve joined giffgaff – you’ll see those points in your next monthly statement.

500 points for ‘Activated friend SIM’ not showing in statement: You would have received notification when your friend activated, check the date that they activated – if it was last month, it should be in your statement. Check with your friend that they’ve activated the SIM that you gave them (not one that another friend gave them – pipping you to the post).


  • Recommended by: If someone enters your Membername when they activate their SIM, we tally those 'recommendations' each month.

If 200 ‘Recommend’ points aren't appearing: We capture all information that is entered in at point of activation –  the new member needs to have entered your Membername when they activated their SIM. If the SIM was ordered by another member, that member will receive 500 points, it is not possible to allocate another 200 points to someone else as well (that’d be double dipping).


  • Community: Points are awarded based on individuals effort, in line with everyone else in the communities effort, and the number of people in your ‘band’. More information about how we calculate community points here.

Community points different to last month: Your monthly community points may go up or down depending on which band you fell into during the month (increase your handiness to increase your banding). 


Note those that try to 'game' the system will lose their points (ie kudos themselves, post non-useful posts in an effort to increase their ranking) - not only does it wind up the other members that are trying to be helpful, it's not fair on the other members that are are genuinely being helpful. 



If you think your points statement isn’t quite right:


If you’re looking at your points statement and you’re missing points - firstly check the date of your activity. Points statements are calculated from the 1st to the end of the month – and sent the following month i.e Aprils Statement for activity up until the 30th April will be sent on the 5th May. If your friend activated on the 1st May, you’ll see the points in May’s Statement – sent the first week of June.



Still not right?


We’d love to give you points for the effort you make to promote giffgaff – helping grow our community.  As for all queries relating specifically to your account – please contact an agent so we can investigate.


Provide as much information as you can – ie your friends Membername, the date they activated etc. and we’ll do some digging.


Just so you know, as each case is different, it takes a bit of time to investigate. We’ll keep you posted and get back to you with what’s going on. If there are points missing, we’ll pop the points on to your next statement.



When you’ll get your Payback:

Points are collected and paid back every 6 months


1st payback period: from launch until 31st May 2010, members have been paid out (see here for details about the first payback)

2nd payback period: 1st June - 30th November 2010. 

3rd payback period: 1st December - 31st May 2011

4th payback period: 1st June - 30th November 2011

5th payback period: 1st December - 31st May 2012... and so on.


Just a quick reminder, only activated members (ie you must have an active SIM prior to the end of the payback period) and you must have used your SIM up in the 3 months prior (ie made a call to any mobile/landline, used mobile internet) to will qualify to receive payback.


(note: we've recently changed the t's and c's to improve the process, please see this post for more information)


Cheers! Claire

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