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Testing a couple of offers to a small number of members

Started by: clairekav
On: 10/01/2011 | 14:21
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by: clairekav
former giff-staffer

on: 10/01/2011 | 14:21 edited: 10/01/2011 | 14:42

We’re running our first ‘exclusive invitation only' offers this month –randomly selecting a small number of members who’ll be presented with slightly different offers in order to test the relative success of each offer.


If you’re not included in this trial, don’t worry - once this test has completed we’ll be collecting the learnings and will use this information to create new offers which we’ll roll out to members throughout the year.


It is important to run these types of tests to help see what offers work and analyse the success vs cost of each offer. In order to tests things properly, you have to have a control group which enables you to accurately measure the impact of each offer - which is why only some members are included and everyone not included becomes the 'control group'. This is common practice - loads of companies use offer test groups before rolling out offers across their customer base.


Throughout the next 4 weeks we’ll be contacting a small number of members and giving them an exclusive invitation only offer via email to incentivise them to connect their first friend to giffgaff.


The offers we’ll be making to the test groups will be similar to the ‘friend connection’ offers that we ran recently which was available to everyone in December/October. We learnt a lot about recommendation behaviour during our October and December offers – however there are additional learnings to be made which is only possible when not everyone is offered the same.


In the mean time – if you spot anyone questioning the detail about certain offers, please direct them back to the email they were sent which will include the membername that the offer is related to – then to ask an agent if they have more questions.



If you're not included this time - don't feel left out, it's not you - it's me (we'll my random selection of member formula).



Cheers! Claire




We’re segmenting all members based on different criteria (ie grouping people who haven’t ordered a friend SIM, haven’t activated a friend SIM, joined x months ago, only activated an extra SIM, never visited the community etc etc) and randomly picking out a small percentage of members who will be offered a credit incentive to connect their first/next friend.


We’ll be contacting test groups via email, all the offer details including credit amount, expiry date and instructions to contact an agent if they’ve got any questions – will be included in the email.


If members pop up in the community questioning the offer/ credit etc – please refer them back to the email which will have all the necessary information/ contact an agent - therefore reducing the chance of creating confusion in the public forum.


Once the offers have finished, we’ll collate the results and work out which offers worked best for the different groups. This information will be used to create new offers which the bean counters will love and help increase our memberbase throughout 2011.

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by: spider079
on: 10/01/2011 | 14:26
Some lucky giffgaffers :-)
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by: lordofangels
on: 10/01/2011 | 14:33

Glad too see things moving along for 2011


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by: crazylegs
on: 10/01/2011 | 14:37

Good stuff keep up the good work..Smiley Wink


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by: shutterbug
on: 10/01/2011 | 15:07

Great to see you're all working hard to make giffgaff even bigger and better Smiley Wink

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by: syorksdeano
on: 10/01/2011 | 15:17

ooooo I got an email and it says:


Would you like to join in?  Well computer says no Smiley Very Happy

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by: ncfc11
on: 10/01/2011 | 15:22

Look forward to any offers which might come our way.

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by: khairul
on: 10/01/2011 | 15:57
Subscribed to this thread.
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by: adamivison
on: 10/01/2011 | 16:25

i hope i get picked.


im about to giffgaff my dad, mam, gran, and some friends when their contracts expire

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by: ukheather
on: 10/01/2011 | 17:20
Would love to get picked as would most people I would assume Smiley Happy

*fingers crossed*
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