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[Updated] 4G for everyone

Started by: vespaash2
On: 28/10/2014 | 15:50
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by: vespaash2
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on: 28/10/2014 | 15:50 edited: 12/11/2014 | 10:23

Hi everyone,


Just to confirm 4G goodybags are now live today, the 12th of November!  Remember if you joined giffgaff  before the 29th October you can try the 4G goodybags at no extra cost.  Just login first to see your new 4G goodybag options.


You can still read the original post below.



I’m pleased to announce we are ready for a full scale launch of 4G on the 12th November. We’ve created a new set of 4G goodybags to sit alongside our 3G range and we’d like as many of our existing members as possible to try them at no extra cost.


Existing members, try at no extra cost

We want you to have the opportunity to experience 4G and decide if it’s right for you, so to help we are giving our existing members the opportunity to get 4G speeds at a discounted price for 2 months. We’ll make it easy, existing members who are 4G ready just need to choose a 4G goodybag bag from the 12th November until 12th January 2015. 


Here’s the discounted prices…


graph-1 (1).jpg


Click to reveal
Discounted goodybags for existing members until 12th Jan
4G £10 goodybag offer: 1GB, 500 mins, unlimited texts
4G £12 goodybag offer: 3GB, 500 mins, unlimited texts
4G £15 goodybag offer: 5GB, 1000 mins, unlimited texts


Just for clarity by existing members I mean anyone who is a member today (28th of October). Whether you decide to keep 4G after your discounted goodybag expires is entirely up to you. Click here for more information on what you need to be 4G ready.

New members activating a SIM after today (28th of October) can buy 4G goodybags from launch at our standard price. These prices will also apply to existing members from 13th January 2015. Here are our new standard prices for 4G…




Click to reveal
4G goodybags for new members
4G £12 goodybag: 1GB, 500 mins, unlimited texts
4G £15 goodybag: 3GB, 500 mins, unlimited texts
4G £18 goodybag: 5GB, 1000 mins, unlimited texts

What did we learn from the 4G trial?

The 4G trial has been really helpful in understanding data usage. What became clear is when people move to 4G they use more of the available network capacity. We’ve been having an ongoing conversation with you about delivering the right data experience so with this in mind it seems fairer that the 4G prices reflect the higher usage.


We’ll be updating you on the progress we’re making on data experience in a separate post from Mark - this is now live over here.

What next?
I’m sure many of you will have questions so we will come back to you with FAQs once we receive your initial feedback. We’ll also contact all our existing members to explain next steps before launch day.


If you are already on the 4G trial you can still repurchase your £10 goodybag until the 11th November or choose from the full range when they launch.


We’re excited we are ready to bring you 4G and I would like to thank you for your feedback and your patience throughout the 4G trial period.




Marketing & Experience Chief

giffgaff CEO and gaffer
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by: mathew40
on: 28/10/2014 | 15:53 edited: 28/10/2014 | 16:19

Yay,this is fantastic news and about time too lol Smiley Wink

Happy days are here again Smiley Surprised

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by: asciimotog
on: 28/10/2014 | 15:55
Thanks for the info. There have been lost of users in help and support asking about these, so its nice to have the information.

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by: rhodeatlas
on: 28/10/2014 | 15:55
Nice, it looks like I'll be back after my three Sim expires.

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by: hcovell
on: 28/10/2014 | 15:59 edited: 28/10/2014 | 16:02

Thanks for the info!


So basically to buy 4g it'll cost £2/3 more than using 3g internet. Sounds fair!


Is an unlimited 4g goodybag ruled out? Or is that still a possibility.

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by: plightfoot
on: 28/10/2014 | 16:00
glad 4G trial went well and your now rolling it out to everyone but disappointed that o2 and tesco doesn't charge extra for 4G but giffgaff will be doing
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by: simonefaye78
on: 28/10/2014 | 16:07
What about payg prices for 4g? Can you only use 4g on goodybag? What if you run out of data, will you revert back to 3g speeds and be charged the reduced rate of 2p/MB, get 4g at 2p/mb or what?
So anyway...
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by: andyhurley
on: 28/10/2014 | 16:11
Yes, I guess that is fair but I will be switching down to 3g again from January as the tiny coverage of 4g is not worth paying extra for. I'll be on 2g 80% of the time, maybe 3% of the time with 4g available so I'll just stick to the 3g bags.
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by: shortylumber
on: 28/10/2014 | 16:11
@simonefaye78 - hopefully be the same as the trial in that your remain on 4g even for payg until you ourchase a 3g goodybag again and drop back to 3g.
I would also hope the price remains at 2p per mb
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