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[Updated] 4G for everyone

Started by: vespaash2
On: 28/10/2014 | 15:50
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by: smithjr
on: 15/11/2014 | 16:45
Just switched from giffgaff to EE double 4G. Sim contract. I pay a little more. I get 4G 95% of the time. In my area I benefit from double 4G and it's quicker then my home broadband. I got on a speedtest 72.36 mbps down and 23.70mbps. Giffgaff dont even offer 4g in my area .let along double 4G
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by: socrates
on: 15/11/2014 | 17:00
Just purchased a 4g goody bag.
Disappointed at the speed - 4-5 Mbps.

That's barely 3g speeds with other networks.
Suppose its better than my existing giffgaff 3g speed which is around 1-3Mbps.

These results are with 4+ bars of signal as well

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by: smithjr
on: 15/11/2014 | 19:13
Hopefully giffgaff sort it. EE NETWORK I had 70 meg down and in slower 4g areas on ee I an getting between 25 and 40 meg down. So happy
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by: faddys1234
on: 15/11/2014 | 19:38
@smithjr how much are you paying for ee?
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by: faddys1234
on: 15/11/2014 | 19:40

I was wondering if i should get 4g on giffgaff but then saw the speeds people are getting. 


I mean on3g in Liverpool I am getting just under1mbs download that's ridiculous


 thank god for wifi 

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by: _mozzy
on: 15/11/2014 | 19:46
I've checked local coverage and (surprise! surprise!) no 4G coverage in my local areas and no projected dates for O2 to go 4G either . . . 3G speeds have dropped in the last few days as well . . . apart from all that am pleased to have found giffgaff, and will continue to promote it to others

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by: _mozzy
on: 15/11/2014 | 20:05

re: question about purchasing 4G goodybag on 3G phone . . . you can buy a 4G goodybag but you need a 4G SIM. (duoSIMS and nanoSIMS issued since October 2013 are 4G)

I can foresee problems in buying a 4G goodybag without a 4G ready phone, though, because you need to be able to use the 4G bandwidth, and your first 4G goodybag takes up to 24hours to activate due to switching your bandwidth from 3G part of internet to 4G . . . you would be better served by purchasing a 'disposable' goodybag such as the £5 hokeycokey (60+ minutes, 300 texts, 20MB data +2p/additional MB) for the meantime with a 4G goodybag queued.

Due to new rules letting you start a queued goodybag early, it could be cheaper than using PAYG for that 5 days, and remove any risk of the goodybag not working.

Please note that your first 4G goodybag can take up to 24 hrs to activate once started (just like initial activation), so starting the 4G goodybag with the 4G phone makes better sense.

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by: richardjoakley1970
on: 15/11/2014 | 20:43
The problem I see is if I buy a 4g phone and goody bag and for what ever reason I only get 4 g for 1 day im paying premium rate for 3 g service. . Add on to the fact the 4g goody bag is limited I will be paying another 18 pounds for intermittent service and shody service
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by: thomas77
on: 16/11/2014 | 08:20
Just left GG for Tesco. In 4 days since 4G launch I never got 4G once - don't ask if everything was right. It was, sim, settings, phone - everything!! Bought a Tesco sim as everyone (including agents) tried to blame it on my phone. Within 5 minutes of purchasing the Tesco sim I had 4G and 42MB speeds. GG you were a the good old days. Shame to see it's gone down hill so badly for you. Wouldn't even give me a refund for the '4G' bag I purchased. Use the £15 to improve your service!!! See. You. Never.
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by: samuelsparrow
on: 16/11/2014 | 09:27

Come on Giffgaff - where's your competitiveness?

Three's 4g pricing knocks yours out of the park!

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