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Updated Super Recruiter Programme

Started by: hannah377
On: 03/05/2016 | 15:36
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by: hannah377
former giff-staffer

on: 03/05/2016 | 15:36 edited: 17/05/2016 | 16:28

Hello folks,


As some of you might already know my name is Hannah and I look after the Super Recruiter Programme here at giffgaff. I’ve been around for about a year and a half and may have spoken to some of you previously. Over the last few months I’ve been working alongside a few others and listening to our current Super’s feedback on the programme and what could be done to improve it.


So, we’re chuffed to announce the launch of our new and improved Super Recruiter programme. Drum roll please.


From 1st June 2016 we’re making it so much easier to become a Super Recruiter. And we’re giving you the potential to earn more money too. Double hooray.


A quick reminder about our Super Recruiter programme

It's our way of saying a huge thank you to members who do a sterling job recruiting lots of new members to giffgaff. We pay rewards in the form of cash (via PayPal) or Payback points for their brilliant efforts. Cha-ching.


You spoke, we listened

We’ve been chatting with lots of our lovely Super Recruiters during recent months, and they’ve given us loads of useful feedback. They’ve told us about stuff they love about the current programme, and things they’re not too crazy about too. We’ve taken all of their comments on board to spruce things up and make the programme easier to understand.


Earn more for recruiting giffgaff lovers

We’ve always wanted new members to be people who love life with giffgaff and want to stay with us. As our current Super Recruiter rewards don’t fully reflect that, we’re shifting the focus of the programme. By replacing Payback with greater rewards for second and third top-ups, we’re giving our Supers more earning power and we’re focusing on growing giffgaff with new members who enjoy our way of doing mobile.


How things will look


  1. Once a Super Recruiter, always a Super Recruiter

With the new programme, there’s no more confusing rules and requirements to join and stay on the programme. From 1st June 2016, any member who recruits (or has already recruited) 15 new members in their lifetime will automatically become, and stay, a Super Recruiter. Simple.


  1. Earn up to £22 per recruit

We’ve given our rewards an overhaul. To make it clear that we want new members to be folks who’ll love life with us and stick around, we’ve replaced the initial £5 Payback for Super Recruiters with increased rewards for second and third top-ups. That means that, as a Super, your total potential earnings per recruit has gone up from £18 to £22 (as a Master). Even starting as an Apprentice you’ll be able to earn up to £10 per recruit – that’s double what you can currently earn with Payback. Now, that deserves a high five.




  1. All rewards paid monthly

With the new look programme, Super Recruiters get all their rewards paid monthly via PayPal. That means no more waiting 6 months for the next Payback payment. Woohoo. Also, moving forward you’ll be paid the rewards based on the level of Super you are in the month that your recruits top up, instead of the month when they initially activated. Plus, if you’d rather have Payback points instead of cash rewards we can happily convert them for you, no sweat.


  1. Shiny new benefits

We want to help you be the best Super Recruiter you can be. So to do that, we’re excited to introduce a whole bunch of extra benefits for our Supers to help them recruit members. The higher the level you are as a Super, the more benefits you’ll receive.




So, there you have it. Exciting stuff, right? Keep an eye out for more news about the shiny new Super Recruiter programme coming soon.


Ta ta for now,



(aka Chief of Super Recruiters)




More about our Super Recruiter changes

Hi guys, 

Firstly, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who's commented on my previous post so far - the good, the bad and the ugly. Your honest thoughts give us the opportunity to consider your questions and concerns.

Given the responses we've had, I thought I would address the common questions/doubts/fears that have come up so far to help explain things a bit more. 

£5 Payback is only being replaced for Super Recruiters
The replacement of £5 Payback with subsequent top-up rewards only applies to Super Recruiters, i.e. members who've recruited 15+ new members in their lifetime. So all non-Supers will continue to receive £5 Payback per activation.

The mission of the programme
The Super Recruiter programme was set up to reward members who go above and beyond to recruit new members to giffgaff. And that's the ideology we want to continue with and promoting growth in a stable way. Previously we think the messaging was a little unclear and not transparent enough - our bad. Changing the programme to reward Supers who recruiting longer term members is our way of reinforcing our original mission more clearly. After all, you guys deserve to be rewarded well for your special efforts. 

We know that some members will initially lose out with the new rewards structure. But that doesn't have to mean forever. With a slight change in your recruiting tactics, you have the potential to go on to earn more than you have done so far and we want to help you get there. We just want to encourage you to do so by recruiting new members who love our way of doing mobile and stay with us.

International recruits 
Some of you have expressed concerns about your 'international recruits', so we want to put your minds at rest. We love our international members - and we think they love life with giffgaff too. Our new rewards shouldn't change that, as they will continue to reward you for recruiting international members who become loyal giffgaff members. In fact, some of our most successful Supers recruit lots of international members and will continue to be rewarded for them.

We understand that some of recruits are perhaps 'one timers' - in the UK on holiday or temporarily. We really appreciate this type of international member too, it's just that our Super Recruiter programme isn't aimed at that type of recruiting. 

We're a network and a business
We are a network that embraces our members to our very core - you guys rock. But as a network and business, we also need to ensure that we have a healthy and sustainable business model so that we can continue to offer our flexible services and great value plans to our members. This is why encouraging stable growth is important to us, and why we want our Supers to focus on recruiting longer term giffgaff members. 

The feedback we used
A lot of you have been asking who we asked to get feedback before planning the changes. We wanted to make sure any changes were focused on real members' experiences, so we did the following:

1. In February 2015 and September 2015, we sent out two surveys to all of our Super Recruiters. We asked all of them what they liked and disliked about the current programme, and if they had any suggestions for improving it. Over a quarter of them replied with feedback. 

2. We spoke to our team of online agents, who answer a lot of queries about the Super Recruiter programme on a regular basis. Together, we looked at common complaints and suggestions from members to identify the key issues and most popular suggestions.

Questions about opting out
Some of you have asked about an option to opt out of the new programme. The truth is that, in order for us to successfully shift recruiting behaviours, we need everyone to be part of the same rewards scheme. An optional Super Recruiter programme just wouldn't achieve this. And we do genuinely see the new programme as an excellent opportunity for our members to earn more money. For some of you it might just require a slight rethink of your recruiting strategy to make the most of the new rewards. 

You want to know how well you're doing
From our Super Recruiter surveys we have realised that some of you have had issues with accessing accurate reports of how many of your recruits had activated or topped up. With the new programme we're going to be more transparent and we'll email you improved reports on how you're doing, as well as giving you access to the same information via your My giffgaff dashboard.  

Changing the requirements to join
One important piece of feedback we've had from our Supers is about the eligibility criteria. Some were upset that they could bounce on and off the programme depending on how many members they recruited that month. To avoid this issue, we’ve simplified the criteria so that you simply need to recruit 15 members in your lifetime to get on the programme, and you'll stay - so no more worrying about your holidays affecting you being a Super.

Time limits on top-ups
The average across all UK mobile networks is that members will top up after 30 days, if they're planning to stay with that network. We are giving 120 days, which should give your recruits plenty of time for their second and third top-ups.
As with all changes, I know the Super Recruiter programme is exciting some of you and concerning others. I hope that this post has helped explain and reassure you about why we've decided on the changes we have.

Thanks again to everyone who has and will comment on these posts. Your opinions mean a lot and help make giffgaff, giffgaff.

Bye for now,

Clarification on Top Ups 
£5/£7.50 top ups do count as second and third purchases. It's the initial activation which needs to be a minimum of £10 for the recruit to claim the £5 Free credit. 
More about our Super Recruiter changes - 17.05.16 

Hi folks,

Since my last update, we've had some more popular questions from many of you. So I thought I’d let you know the answers.

When will the monthly reward payments be made?
We're keeping it the same as the current programme and will make payments on the 20th of each month (or the nearest business day if it falls on a weekend). Therefore, for second and third top-ups that happen in June, you'll be paid via PayPal on 20th July.

Will SIMs activated before 1st June 2016 count?
Yes. For any SIM activated before 1st June 2016 you'll have the 120-day window from the date of activation for your recruits to top up a second and third time. For those SIMs, the reward amounts will be based on the current programme rewards. Any SIMs activated from 1st June 2016 onwards will qualify for the new monthly reward amounts.

What tier will I be in on 1st June?
We will calculate your tier based on your recruits during March-May 2016. And moving forward, at the end of each month we will recalculate your tier based on your recruits during the previous 3 months.

Can I still earn Payback in other ways?
Absolutely. And we'd love you to keep earning Payback through activites likes helping the Community, writing blogs and generating ideas. We're only removing the SIM activation Payback for Super Recruiters, not elsewhere.


Data speeds

Quite a few of you have commented or asked about data speeds. This isn't something that is directly related to the Super Recruiter programme but we understand it may affect your decision to promote giffgaff as a service. Unfortunately, data speeds and the overall data experience is not something I can speak about as I am not directly involved in that side of the business.


I hope this has put a few more minds at rest, and I’m really looking forward to helping more of you become amazing Super Recruiters.

Bye for now,


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by: as7861
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:01

Hello, @hannah377


Nice to see that people that recruit are getting their sweats worth. 


But i want to draw you attension to a cause that a super recruiter is not in-control of and it would be nice for giffgaff to support this. 


  • Improved data speeds. 

Why i bring this up is because you said that you like members to stay loyal. 


But for members looking to earn this is really good opportunity.



- Amer Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: hcovell
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:05
Noooo...this is awful!! I help out people wanting to use the network when they visit the UK. (I post sims abroad) So often they won't topup again immediately afterwards. So have I understood it correctly that this new scheme will mean that I won't get any payback on the majority of my recruits?!!? If so, then I doubt I'll be able to continue doing I won't get enough return pay back my postage costs!

Is there any way to opt out of this new scheme? And instead just get the original £5 per sim activation?
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by: unimobiles
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:31

we have been in the super recruiters scheme a few months, but are unaware of any payments being made for 2nd and 3rd topups. I can't see anywhere on the GiffGaff interface which identifies these 2nd and 3rd topups, can anyone guide me please? 


We also would want to opt out unless the super recruiter scheme can be shown to actually make payments for the 2nd and 3rd topups. 

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by: nosh2
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:32
aww ace well im You're becoming a Super Recruiter. Hooray Smiley Happy good idea hehe
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by: appletom
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:33
Giffgaff the network run by you
Shame on you giffgaff
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by: tim74
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:34

Any system where it extrapolates 'potential earnings' you are never actually going to achieve and dangles high numbers in your face like a big shiny carrot is hoping you won't realise the downsides until it's too late.

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by: adamh1989
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:35
me to becoming a super recrutier cant wailt :-)
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by: leonc888
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:35
As @hcovell said this could effect abroad/ visiting recruits.

But I for one would like it if this is going to happen maybe remove the time limit on second/third top up.
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by: maddy2k6
on: 03/05/2016 | 16:35
I'm not sure if this is going to be a great idea or a very bad idea I will just have to wait and see how many people actually do top up and not disappear after the first month of activating there sim.

Im 50/50 on this new structure at the moment.

Does this also mean normal 6 month payback is no more if your in the super recruiter programme ?
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