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Urgent 24hour feedback needed on data pricing option!

Started by: vincent
On: 26/04/2010 | 17:03
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by: guyb
on: 02/05/2010 | 12:31

This was the issue that was stoping me porting my number accross from asda mobile, if giffgaff had the same 20p price plan as asda mobile then I was not going to do it, but since you have addded in the 30MB buffer, I never use more than 30MB a day, I will be switching accross to giffgaff, for calls and texts you are the same price, however you are 8p cheaper when phoning 0800 numbers and phoning your own network, althogh nobody I know is on giff gaff, but this great internet ruling is causing me too make the switch from asda mobile to giffgaff, Thank you giffgaff, you will soon have a new customer

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by: ethani99
on: 03/05/2010 | 11:09

Hey Vince, Smiley Happy


This looks great for the Low data users although I'm probably going to go with at least the £10 goodybag when I do need it however the fact that giffgaff listen to their customers and propose changes shows just how good this service is. Smiley Wink




Ethani99..... Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Kudos: it's a giff and gaff thing so click the star peeps! Smiley Tongue Smiley Happy Smiley Happy
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 04/05/2010 | 11:28

Hi all,


This thread is now closed as the 24hour period has elapsed a while ago now Smiley Happy


Thanks for all the contributions!





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