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[Winners announced] Charity Payback Voting - May/June 2019

Started by: t_will
On: 22/05/2019 | 14:28
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by: mahdiman
on: 08/08/2019 | 19:12
Thanks will
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by: beston1998
on: 09/08/2019 | 00:18


Hi everyone! The votes are in, and we've got our definitive final two charities for this Payback period. Between them, they took over 53% of the member vote, and will benefit from a donation from every member who picks to donate to charity this Payback period.


The winners are:

Bumblebee Conservation Trust


Parkinson's UK


Congratulations to our worthy winners, and thank you to each and every giffgaffer who voted this Payback period - your votes will mean that two very worthy causes benefit from giffgaffers' generosity this year.


If you haven't yet chosen to give your Payback to charity, there's still time - just head over to your Payback selection page and pick the charities option.



Original post:


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Hi everyone, thank you for all your nominations for the charities for this year's charity Payback.


I'm very pleased to say that our five charities in the shortlist this year have now been decided, the charities have confirmed, and we're about to start our vote. If you've earned Payback, please keep an eye on your emails over the next few days.


Our five top nominees this Payback period are:


Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bus Shelter MK

Diabetes UK

Parkinson's UK



Because of how charitable giffgaffers are and how wide-ranging your interests are, this was a very close nomination period, with a lot of charities in the running for the top five. In the end, we had to use unique Kudos as a tiebreaker between over ten different charities, after we'd done our legitimacy checks on the nominations.


Keep an eye out on your inbox over the next few days for your voting email, which will have your unique link to vote for one of these charities. We'll be closing the voting at 23:59 on June 2nd, so there'll be plenty of time for you to get your vote in. Voting is now closed. Thank you to everyone who voted - we'll be announcing the winners very soon.


The top two charities from this vote will share the sum total of every donation made by giffgaffers through Payback this period. If you've not chosen to give your Payback to charity this time around, you can do it from the Payback selection page here.


Last December, giffgaffers clubbed together to give over £21,000 to each of the charities that won the vote - it's clear that when we all get together, we can make a real difference to a good cause. I'm really looking forward to the result of this vote - keep an eye out for your emails and make your vote count.






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by: nyaye93
on: 12/08/2019 | 09:21
Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Best wishes always.
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