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giffgaff community guidelines (please read first)

Started by: giffgaff-team
On: 14/10/2009 | 10:38
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by: giffgaff-team
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on: 14/10/2009 | 10:38 edited: 07/10/2017 | 21:04

giffgaff community guidelines




Welcome to the giffgaff community, where we all sit back, relax, and discuss anything and everything. We even help each other out from time to time, and earn rewards for doing so. Great, huh? Come join us to discuss ideas and suggestions for improving giffgaff, learn new things, and support each other through any difficulties you may face. Our community is built on a foundation of friendliness and trust, where we all treat each other as equals and with respect.


The community team (meet them all) naturally keep an eye on how things are ticking over, however there are a few simple guidelines we expect everyone to follow. Don’t forget, you’ve also agreed to the giffgaff Terms of Use when you created an account.


Please note that these guidelines cover the giffgaff community; on the forums, on our social channels and when you represent us.




1.   Members are to only use one account for their community activity. You may not use multiple accounts to gain extra Payback or award yourself Kudos or Best Answers (see 11. below).


2.   Search to see if a topic already exists, or if your question has an answer.


3.   Say thank you with Kudos if someone has helped you or shared a great post. For more on Kudos, visit our guide here. Don’t forget to choose a Best Answer if you open a thread in the Help forum – you’ll be helping someone else.


4.   Stay on topic when posting in an existing thread. Going off on a tangent for a bit is ok, but completely changing the topic should be avoided.


5.   Contribute posts and content that adds to the discussion or provides useful help for other members. When responding to a query in the help forum, ensure that you have your full answer ready before submitting your post. Please don’t post a one-word response and then edit in a longer reply later.


6.   Read and abide by the website section of our Terms and Conditions. For clarity, we consider any form of hate speech and/or discrimination to be offensive.


7.   For your safety and privacy please don’t post, or request others to post, personal details such as phone number, email address, private message content, agent message content or similar on the forum for the world and his wife to see. Your information will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


8.   Do not impersonate a giffgaff agent or giffgaff team members.


9.   Touting for SIMs / Kudos: Don’t tout for SIM’s or Kudos by asking or posting links in the body of your message. A small message/banner (see bottom of page) in your signature is, however, allowed.


10. Photography board guidelines


Click to reveal


- Copying another person's work (written or graphic) without their permission is something that won't be allowed in this board and certainly questioned and removed by a member of staff however, posting images or other content that is not your property must be marked as such, and the actual copyright holder must be noted with said content. Ignoring this rule will have your picture removed.


-  Images from third party sources must include a link or reference back to the original artist/copyright holder with verifiable terms of usage.


- Showing appreciation with kudos is what we love seeing but please abide by all of our community guidelines.

 11. You can find our complaints process and how to raise a case on this page.



Fine Print:


Just a few pointers on how we manage the forums:


10.   The Educators role is not to actively moderate content; we therefore rely on community members to self-moderate by using the ‘Report Content’ link in options (3 dots button at the bottom left of every post) to flag any inappropriate content.


11.   Any breach of these guidelines may result in the editing or removal of posts/threads, or may result in a suspension from the community altogether and may have a negative effect on your payback. In the case of accounts being suspended for having an inappropriate username, the account will no longer be able to participate on the community or receive payback for community contributions.  Except in extreme cases, suspension from the forums will not affect the use of giffgaff mobile services, nor will it stop payback being earned for recruitment.


12.   We have a zero tolerance policy on harassment ("cyber bullying") of both community members or staff members. This policy also extends to nuisance communications. Any member who feels they are being bullied, or suspect another member is being bullied, should immediately report this to an Educator or Community Manager via the Private Messaging system. giffgaff may take legal action when appropriate. 


13.   Disputes: In the event of disputes or clarification on any of the guidelines the Community Management Team have the final say. We will not discuss details of any of our moderation decisions on the public forums. If you wish to escalate any discussion or dispute you may have with a member of our Community Team regarding these guidelines and their implementation, please contact a Community Manager.


14.   Updating of the guidelines: Please note these guidelines are subject to updates without notice. We urge members to check these guidelines on a regular basis.


15.   Last updated: 14 December 2016 (to add a link to the complaints page)


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by: david_m
former giff-staffer

on: 30/06/2011 | 12:00 edited: 25/10/2013 | 11:22

Please note: The version of the guidelines this post refers to is obsolete and was replaced by the current version. We've left the post in place for historical reasons, but the guidelines posted above take precedence over any content in this post.



Hi Guy's


As the community grows and new trends/issues arise, there will always be a need on an ongoing basis to review and update the guidelines.


Taking the great feedback from you, our members, we have updated the guidelines. In today's update, version 1.4, we have introduced clarification on matters such as username, advertising, avatars, impersonating agents/team members and more detailed information of each point.


It's our hope the more experienced members will continue to support the community and help the lesser experienced members find their feet within our great community.


We thank you all for you input and continued support.




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by: craig_t
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on: 21/03/2012 | 13:19 edited: 25/10/2013 | 11:22

Please note: The version of the guidelines this post refers to is obsolete and was replaced by the current version. We've left the post in place for historical reasons, but the guidelines posted above take precedence over any content in this post.



Hi folks,


As our community has grown over the last few months, we've inevitably had new people join, new characters and opinions being expressed and new situations arising. From a combination of new product launches (such as Blackberry) and a few discussions recently, we've added a few updates and clarifications to the guidelines.


In today's update, version 1.8, there's some more detail on matters such as public sharing of BBM pins (please don't :-)) and respect towards fellow community members and giffgaff staff.


It's our hope the more experienced members will continue to support the community and help the lesser experienced members find their feet within our great community.


Many thanks for your continued participation, enthusiasm, opinions and support!




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by: alex_w
community giff-staffer

on: 09/08/2013 | 12:34

Hi folks,


We've done a fairly comprehensive re-write of the guidelines, which you can see above.


None of our policies have changed, however you'll see that we've removed some duplication. Many of the guidelines previously found here were also covered in our T&C's, so to help make sure there's no contradictions between the forum guidelines and the T&C's we're now simply linking to the relevant section.


We've also strengthened significantly our policy position on "cyber bullying". Again, the policy and our approach hasn't actually changed ... it's just that the old guidelines didn't do a good enough job of making things clear.


Any questions or comments, please PM me Smiley Happy.

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by: timo_t
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on: 09/10/2017 | 09:14
Minor edit made this past weekend to better reflect current placement of Report button.
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