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Started by: christian_b
On: 20/12/2012 | 16:25
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by: christian_b
former giff-staffer

on: 20/12/2012 | 16:25 edited: 21/01/2014 | 12:12


Hey giffgaffers,


This post is to announce 'giffgaff for good' which is a project based around doing good deeds for no reward. The blogs will work much like 'giffgaff spy' where we will let you in to see what we have been doing in this area. We would also like feedback, suggestions and ideas as we want the community to be involved to Smiley Happy


We will aim to do something new every month Smiley Happy


December 2012


Pay As you Dough - A Christmas Charity Bake Sale - 19/12/12


To kick things off please have a gander at the first blog article of giffgaff for good.


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Maybe pinkcalculator can link to our baking achievements on the cooking thread Smiley Happy




giffgaff open a Just Giving Page

If you take your payback as credit or paypal - you can now donate to our chosen charity.




January 2013


Donation Drive - 10/01/2012


At giffgaff we will be collecting clothes, unwanted presents, toys and any other old items to give to charity and are asking that anyone who wishes to do the same to do so and post their photos Smiley Happy




After a few weeks of collecting we took our donation box to the British Heart Foundation who were very grateful! Read the full blog article.


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Small donationbox.jpgJoe C.jpgZobia side.jpg



February 2013


From the Heart - A poetry drive for the British Heart Foundation - 14/02/2013


After they were so grateful for our donation drive efforts we decided help with the British Heart Foundation's Valentine's appeal by asking our community members to submit poems that we will write out on their heart cards and pay £1 each to stick them up on their window. To see the entries, and how much we raised, read more on the blog article.


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IMG_0522.JPGphoto (4).JPGphoto (5).JPGphoto (8).JPGphoto (3).JPGphoto (7).JPG




March 2013


Blood and Laughs - Comic Relief and Blood Donation Awareness - 31/03/2013


Our generous members donated to comic relief and some giffgaff staff donated blood.


Have a look at the blog article to read more.



April 2013


Recycle Your Old Phone - Charitable and environmentally friendly ways to recycle your old mobile - 25/04/2013


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Read more on the blog article.



May 2013 


Introducing Random Acts Of Kindness to giffgaff for good 20/05/2013


Since we want to encourage random acts of kindness, we are going to be sending out envelopes with various good deeds on them.  You perform the deed and then stick the note somewhere for someone else to do, ideally creating a chain of good deeds.


If you are interested in receiving one of these packets and promoting good deeds, please leave your name in the form below.


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June + July


The British 10k London Run 14/07/2013


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link to original blog

Hi giffgaffers,

As you may have heard a while ago, giffgaff purchased corporate packages for this years British 10k London Run, of which the official charity this year is Tommy's, a charity that funds medical research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth and provides information on having a healthy pregnancy. Both giffgaff members and staff will be running.


The run starts tomorrow (Sunday) at 9:35am. We have a chat thread in social: off topic which we will try to keep updated with news and photo's on the day.

At the giffgaff office we have tried to do some training ourselves, some taking it more seriously than others. I myself have left it a bit last minute and just been going to the gym this week to do some treadmill running, I managed 5k on Thursday but it will be so hot tomorrow which will work against us all.

Here is a few words from one of our member runners, radable:

"Being born three weeks early at 5.5 pounds is not the best starting line “advantage”. About one in five babies make it. Yet forward 17 years and I am running the 400m track for my school (for the uninitated - it's a masochistic way to do a sprint). After a minor knee operation I never got back to training, busy with school, girls and the toddling internet. Forward another 17 years - I had moved to Battersea and liked the park so I bought cheap trainers and started jogging every other week.

When I stumbled on Christian's 10k giffgaff-for-good recruit post, I suddenly felt ashamed: Radan, you enjoy running, you love helping people. And you're daydreaming about doing a marathon one day...
Does it feel right? Well, then do something now!radan-038BW.jpg

I was the lucky baby. Ok, some damage may have been done: I sleep with socks on, I don't really get team sports and it took me three hours to buy new trainers. But I can definitely join the giffgaff team to make a difference :smileyhappy:

One in 13 of us is born pre-term. Tommy's help both parents and the medics to give every baby a better start.

For the baby-picture-version of me just run over here: any amount you can afford will help.

Big thanks!

And if you want to track me sweating the 6+ miles on Sunday, I will be sending a live map link on the day - simply write a blank email to now."


Great work Radan :smileyhappy:

Well, I better do some last minute jogging, remember to check out the chat thread tomorrow to see how we get on, and after the race to see some of our times (for those who want to show off)

Have a great sunny weekend,


Read the full blog post here




Launched Random Acts of Kindness 29/08/2013


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Random Acts of Kindness - The Results


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Announcing the giffgaff JustGiving page



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Link to blog post - JustGiving





Operation Christmas Child



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giffgaff goes Wonka


This campaign is asking you to donate to the NSPCC for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S3.


Click to reveal

 Terms and Conditions for participating in this charity raffle


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giffgaff goes Wonka - NSPCC donation campaign


To be in with a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S3, donate via text to a JustGiving campaign (70070) between 04/12/2013 and 16/12/2013.


1. By submitting your entry, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


2. You can enter if you’re 16 or over and a UK resident (but not if you’re a giffgaff employee, one of their family, or connected in any other way with this Competition. So hard cheese.) Obviously, third party entries, bulk entries or entries submitted by agents are off limits. We (giffgaff) reserve the right to check all entrants are actually eligible, and we reserve the right to require such information as we consider reasonably necessary in order to do that. If we’re not satisfied, you might not get your prize.


3. Entering’s a piece of cake. Simply text a JustGiving donation from a giffgaff account between 04-12-2013 12:00 and 16-12-2013 10:00


4. You can donate as many times as you like.


5. We can and will reject any entry, and/or disqualify any winner or entrant, if that person has broken the terms and conditions of using giffgaff.


6. We own the copyright on all entries submitted, and by entering into the competition you agree that we can use, display, publish, transmit, copy and otherwise exploit your submissions for any purposes we feel appropriate.


7. It’s not over till Wednesday 23rd December 2013.


8. A winner will be selected from everyone who texted a donation. The prize will be sent by royal mail to UK addresses only.


9. We’ll let you all know the winners on the community and privately contact them individually. But we won’t let the prize sit around unclaimed, so if the winner is unable to be contacted by 5pm on the 23rd January 2014 - or doesn’t tell us where to send it - we’ll choose another lucky winner.


10. We’re not responsible if you can’t take up the prize.


11. We’re not responsible for any entries that go astray. Ditto for acceptances or other documents or communications related to the Prize, or indeed the prize itself.


12. We’ll put the winner’s on the community, and they may be required to participate in publicity connected with this Competition. If you enter, you agree to your name being made publicly available if you win.


13. In the event of fraud, abuse, and/or an error affecting the proper operation of this charity raffle, we reserve the right to end or suspend the charity raffle; amend these terms & conditions; declare void the notification of winner(s); and/or to allocate the Prize by conducting a simple draw from all entrants


14. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid by any law, rule, order or regulation of any government, or by the final determination of any court of a competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.


15. Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


16. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel or amend the promotion and/or review and revise these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice and by continuing to take part in the promotion subsequent to any revision of these terms and conditions, entrants shall be deemed to have agreed to any such new or amended terms.


17. This promotion is governed by English Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


18. The promoter of this Competition is giffgaff (that’s us), Hertz House, 11 Vine Street, Uxbridge, UB81QE


19. To be in with a chance to win the Samsung Galaxy S3 abd complimentary chocolate bars, you must have donated via text message from a giffgaff account.


20. To select the winners we will be checking itemised billing records in order to see which accounts have texted the shortcode to the JustGiving number.


For any more information about us, visit our website




Extreme Birdwatching



This thread will be updated as we do more things like this. If anyone has any feedback or ideas then please do not hesitate to get involved.






 Read my Obsessions blog and Guilty Pleasures blog

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Message 1 of 84
by: anth006
on: 20/12/2012 | 16:27
Sounds great.

Best wishes.

p.s. those cakes look fab.
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Message 2 of 84
by: shuaib_786
on: 20/12/2012 | 16:28
sounds great
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Message 3 of 84
by: judgejudy
on: 20/12/2012 | 16:28
ill have to watch out for this
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Message 4 of 84
by: ste53
on: 20/12/2012 | 16:28

sounds ok

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Message 5 of 84
by: pinkcalculator
on: 20/12/2012 | 16:39
Dearest Chrisitan you have my full permission to add the photos to the op your so much better at that than me Smiley Tongue
They look fab
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Message 6 of 84
by: pinkcalculator
on: 20/12/2012 | 16:42
Do you mean like thank big the member who so very sweetly made my Christmas avatar and pmed it to me Smiley Happy
I've used it in all the forums and things I'm on I'm so very pleased with it. The only thing is that member doesn't wish to be named
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Message 7 of 84
by: imshy
on: 20/12/2012 | 17:58
I love this idea ❤
I'm all for random acts of kindness.
This is how I live my life Smiley Very Happy

How about we all donate one item and you can make parcels for the homeless that are sleeping rough this winter.
Things like socks, gloves, warm hats, scarfs.

I do this every year. Fill up a giant sportsbag with toiletries, warm clothing and some treats and give it to someone homeless. The look on their face is priceless Smiley Happy

Nice cakes by the way Smiley Happy
Nothing To See Here!!!
Message 8 of 84
by: lucywilliams275
on: 20/12/2012 | 18:38
Strawberries in December?
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Message 9 of 84
by: ronnielambo
on: 20/12/2012 | 19:38
Random acts of kindness yes ;;;; I like that 👍
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