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the giffgaff Community taking part in Earth Hour

Started by: hazel22
On: 23/03/2014 | 14:40
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by: hazel22
former giff-staffer

on: 23/03/2014 | 14:40 edited: 29/03/2014 | 15:26

Across 154 countries people around the globe will be taking part in 'Earth Hour' - an event which lasts 60 minutes designed to raise awareness and inspire action that goes beyond the hour to save our planet. 


Last year, in August, most of us were celebrating summer, birthdays, school holidays, however the 20th of that month was also 'World Overshoot Day' marking the date when we all exhausted nature’s budget for the year; carbon dioxide, trees, fish, oil. Humanity uses 1.5 planets of resources per year. We only have the one. 


This is actually pretty overwhelming - and it's hard to think about how you, as one person, can make a difference, or even believe you can. 



The good news is, it is possible to make a positive difference as one person. This week, we'll be putting out bitesize information every day about this environmentally friendly call to action. 'Waste not' is one of our company ethics, and it's something our community has shown time and time again that their passionate about. So use this as a chance to inspire topics in General Discussion, environmentally friendly mobile guides in Tips, feedback in Contribute or Ideas to improve giffgaff - improvements which will go beyond the hour and make a lasting effect. We're run by you.


Tune into this thread for updates. If you see a member led thread, post it in the comments and we'll add it to the line up. 


Sunday 23rd March

Monday 24th March

Tuesday 25th March

Wednesday 26th March

Thursday 27th March

Friday 28th March

Saturday 29th March


Will you be taking part? Want to attend an event? Let me know your general location and I'll see what I can find for you Smiley Happy



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by: maheed
on: 23/03/2014 | 15:02
Nice one
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by: musher01
on: 23/03/2014 | 15:52
I will participate, I've done it before lol
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by: zoeawesome
on: 23/03/2014 | 16:05

looking forward to getting involved and passing the panda Smiley Happy 

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by: kbadlan
on: 23/03/2014 | 19:51

Thanks for the heads up on this, I'd heard about Earth Hour before but never knowingly taken part. That is about to change Smiley Happy Yay to making a positive difference!

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by: hazel22
former giff-staffer

on: 23/03/2014 | 22:02
@Gordie - I think for that one you'll have to wait for Zoe's video to explain!
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by: gordie10
on: 23/03/2014 | 22:07

@hazel22 wrote:
@Gordie - I think for that one you'll have to wait for Zoe's video to explain!

Oh - thanks, Hazel. Smiley Happy Thought maybe I was behind with the cool and trendy lingo again. Smiley Wink

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by: hazel22
former giff-staffer

on: 23/03/2014 | 23:06

@gordie10 I literally don't know either Smiley Tongue


Also folks, we only have 22 more points left on our 60 things to do in the dark! Can you think of anything we haven't had? 

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by: pinkcalculator
on: 24/03/2014 | 07:18
I'll be hiding under the duvet scared of the dark Smiley Tongue

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