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goodybag refresh – July 2018

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We like to give our members more and more reasons to celebrate. So here is another one. On 11th July 2018 the giffgaff goodybag range is being updated to the following:

Please note: The £10, £12, £15 and £20 goodybags will be boosted with an extra 1GB for the members who have previously bought 2 goodybags.

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Well, there's not only one but 7 changes:

  1. £5 goodybag: The amount of data will be increased five-fold, moving from 100 MB to 500 MB
  2. £7.50 goodybag: The amount of data will be doubled, moving from 1 GB to 2 GB
  3. £15 goodybag: The amount of data will be increased by a third from 6 GB to 8 GB
  4. £18 goodybag: This will be retired from the list of available goodybags
  5. £20 goodybag: This will change from Always On data to 20 GB.
  6. NEW: There will be a new, improved Always On goodybag for £25, giving you 20 GB of data at full speed and a reduced data speed of 384kbps from 8 AM to Midnight.
  7. £5 gigabag: The 500 MB data-only gigabag will be retired, as the new £5 goodybag supersedes it.

Please note: Members selecting the £10, £12, £15 and £20 goodybags will receive +1GB of data  if they have previously bought 2 goodybags.

Everything is set for 11th of July 2018. From this date, when your next goodybag starts, you’ll simply start to enjoy the new data allowances (if your goodybag is one of the ones that are changing).

Members who have a recurring goodybag expiring on the night of the 10th July, will get one more round of that goodybag.

Otherwise, if you have a £5, £7.50, £15 or £20 recurring goodybag which is set to expire on 11th of July or after you will just enjoy the new data bundle sizes with the next one.

In case you’re on the £18 goodybag we’ll automatically move you to the £15 goodybag as it will now come with 8 GB of data, saving you £3 a month. If you want more data though, you can choose the new 20 GB goodybag for £20  or the new Always On starting the launching date.

If you have a £5, £7.50 or £15 queued goodybag which should start after 11th July you will just enjoy the new data bundle sizes. The  £18 and £20 goodybags which were queued before 11th of July will stay at the existing allowance.

The £5 gigabag is retiring but good news for you. If you have a queued or recurring £5 gigabag, you will automatically be moved to a £5 goodybag if this is set to start after 11th July. You don't need to do anything, just enjoy the data plus the minutes and texts available.

If you ordered a SIM and paid for a goodybag before 11th July but you activate after the 11th, then:

  • If you bought a £5, £7.50, £15 goodybag or a £5 gigabag, you will automatically get the new allowances;
  • Let’s say you got a £18 goodybag. In this case, you will be given a £20 goodybag at no extra cost;
  • If you bought a £20 goodybag, you will get Always On data for that goodybag, before being migrated over for the next one.

The rules and eligibility around the ‘+1 GB extra’ proposition do not change, i.e. members who’ve bought 3 qualifying goodybag purchases will still get it.

The extra GB data comes with the £10, £12, £15 and £20 goodybags. More about the eligibility and the extra GB feature in this article.

In addition to this update, we're aligning the length recurring and non-recurring goodybags for the ones starting on 11th July. Thus, both recurring and non-recurring goodybags are due to last one calendar month.

Our terms and conditions can be found here and will be updated to reflect this change on 11th July.

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