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The article you're viewing has been archived and is no longer being maintained. The information might be out of date. Fret not, visit our community, where our members are always ready to help you.   A profile badge is a panel that appears next to all your posts. More Information What information is displayed on a profile badge? Your profile badge can show your community statistics including the following:   By default (These cannot be removed)   Your community avatar (picture) Your community member name Your community rank Your community registration date Optional   Topics started Blog articles started Kudos Received Best Answers received How to add a profile badge To add or amend your profile badge simply select Community from the top menu then Preferences     Now select Personal Profile and then Profile Cards     Or you can click here to be directed to the Profile Cards page.     Tick the box next to "Display your profile card on your posts" Now select a background Now tick the details you want to display: Topics, Blog articles, Kudos & Best Answers Now click Save (Don't forget) All your existing and future posts will display a profile badge similar to this one:     Advice   If you have no relevant statistics in certain categories, then it is suggested that you do not select them to keep your badge to a more reasonable length.   How to remove a profile badge If you no longer wish to have your profile badge displayed on your posts simply go to your Profile Card page and remove the tick next to "Display your profile card on your posts"    
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