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£2.50 100MB Goody Bag with 1p per MB after you run out.

£2.50 100MB Goody Bag with 1p per MB after you run out.



So assuming giffgaff don't want to/can't :


Offer a second £5 "Unlimited" Data Goody Bag

Either because two £5 Goody Bags is confusing (pull the other one Smiley Happy ).

or perhaps it just discourages people going for the £10 Goody Bag.

or perhaps because offering a £5 Goody Bag with less that 1GB allowance results in everyone complaining 3 give you more...


Offer 1p per MB data

Presumably because it costs giffgaff too much (unless you commit to a minimum spend, since £10 unlimited is OK).

It just isn't worth having a customer that spends 25p a month. I can understand that.


Allow you to have more than 1 Goody Bag active at a time (30 days at a time)

For technical complexity etc. I assume.


So why not offer a £2.50 for 100MB then 1p/MB Goody Bag

This gets giffgaff past the 1p per MB results in some customers with 25p per month spend and hopefully covers the minimum spend cost to allow 1p/MB in the same way giffgaff can offer unlimited for £10 spenders.

If cost of £2.50 transaction processing is too high, then only allow it from existing credit. Surprised giffgaff don't do that for £5 Goody Bag already.


Very, very, very Light Data users can carry on with current 50 per day.


Yes you can make (virtually)everyone happy all of the time Smiley Happy


I have to say - it's a nice idea. It may be a bit complicated to work out, but it might work. 


See that's getting there for the more moderate/regular users, I mentioned 500mb but if that's pushing it maybe 250mb which equates to 1p/MB if you use the full allowance and then 1p/MB extra outside of it?


But I still think the fundamental 50p charge for 0.25mb is the big problem to rectify! It's all very good to offer the generous 100mb daily limit, but it's disingenious to the users who more than likely will use 1-2megs a day perhaps 10 days a month = a monthly total of just 20mb, yet costing £5! RIP-OFF!


Lots of operators cater for heavy 3G data users with for a fixed monthly fee, so giffgaff is merely following suit with their goodybag approach, yet ignoring a much needed solution for lighter users who want to dabble with phone internet but feel the costs are prohibiting them...


So cmon Vincent, if giving a few MB for free each day is asking too much, then at least remove the 50p daily fee and give us a £1 weekly or £2.50 capped monthly fee option with a warning if we go over the cap that a per MB rate will start.


And for the light users maybe 3p/MB flatrate without the periodic 'bolt-on' fee?



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Hi all, it is simply not posiible for us to offer a £5 (or lower) internet bundle as it would cost us more than the initial £5 we'd get from you. Data is still really quite expensive to the networks, as it is something that is still being heavily invested in (the networks themselves) which pushing the price itself up. Because of this cost, it makes this idea unsuitable.

Giffgaff it seems are saying that a £5 data only bundly is unviable. What price would make an moderate or unlimited data bundle viable? - e.g. £7 for Data + 20 min talk + 50 texts.